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Matthew C

Hey guys I know I'm kinda a late bloomer when it comes to the clubs talk. But I had the privilege of test driving a 913d3 yesterday. Oooh man that thing is SMOOOOOTH! The Rolls Royce of drivers for sure. It was hard to get a miss hit with it! I see now what all the hype is bout. Anyway just wanted to share with some guys who are crazy bout this stuff as I am .) gotta get me one now lol -Matt

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  1. joe c

    i currently play the 913 D3 with the Aldila Tour Green 65 Stiff..priot to that i was playing the same head with a Fubuki K Stiff. Both shafts fit very well with the D3 but i really love the Aldila Tour much that i have it in my 913 Fd FW and 913 H.

    Titleist rocks!!!!!!

    Fight On!!


  2. Anthony D

    Got my 913 D3 today with Phenom shaft and i have to say myself RollsRoyce of drivers is very accurate. hit the range today and cant wait to play a round tomorrow!!

  3. killerbgolfer

    i just got my 913 d2 dialed in tonight at the range. be sure to explore the full range of adjustability. i thought i was done and then added loft. i was really amazed with the results. noticeable distance gains with a higher loft than i'd ever tried before. 

  4. Anthony D

    Alright just got done with my first round with the 913 D3. first 3 drives were soft slice/hard fade but then i got dialed in and wow i am impressed, more than i thought i would be. my old generic cally driver was a little longer so thats what i was use to but when i finally started hitting them solid no other driver ive ever hit has felt this solid. im leaving it on A1 for now till i have a few more rounds under the belt but ill probably not have to change anything. this driver is the real deal and worth every penny. im extremely happy with it. Round 2 coming Sunday!

  5. sean k

    I have the pleasure right now owning both the 913d2 and the 913d3 the d2 is equipped with the aldilla red eye alpha stiff shaft set in as B3 i have the aldilla tour green stiff in the d3 set as B3 as well. What is the best way to determine which head and shaft would be best for me before i get rid of one or the other. Thanks Guys  I have hit them both but i havent really decided on one or the other except the d3 sets up a little better to the eye primarily because it is a smaller head.

  6. Tom B

    I've got a 910 D2 and a 913 D3.   Both with the same shaft, and same setting.  The D2 seems to go a little lower and easier to keep straight.  The D3 a little higher, a little farther, and easier to hook a little or fade a little when you want to move it one way or the other in the fairway.  I too like the set up of the D3 better, but when the body won't do sometimes what the brain is telling it, keeping it straight is sometimes easier and harder to screw up with the D2.  Hard to find anything with the Titleist name on it that isn't the best, between great traditional looks while taking full advantage of technology.  AND, put my ball order in for the personalized ProV's at buy 3 and get 1 dozen free.   Now if the weather would only cooperate!!!!

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