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chris p

Why doesnt Titleist make Lob and SW to form  a complete set of AP1 and AP2s. I would love to have the wedges for my set. I never liked Vokey wedges.

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  1. Don O

    Just guessing, you are likely unique.  Png G's are about the only game improvement I'm familiar that goes past gap.  Any others tend to be super GI sets.  Using AP1s, I am close to not using my PW in favor of Vokey's.  To each their own, but I prefer the feel and response of wedges close to the green.  Even if I still had my Mack Daddies, I'd still prefer them to standard irons. But then again, I rarely use a full swing with any wedge from the fairway. 

    If there was a market for SW and LW in an AP1 or AP2 set, they would make it.  With dedicated wedges, Vokey or otherwise, they have more options for soles and bounce, which gives different characteristics for players.  The market would be too splintered to try to have multiple wedges for irons, as well as dedicated wedges like Vokey's.  Similar issues come up about the lack of 2 and 3 irons, a 6 hybrid, and a 64 lob wedge. 

  2. chris p

    First off Don png I's and G's have Lob-3, and how do you know if there would be a market if they haven't made them. one of the best SW ever made was a png. Its not important to go back and forth on personal opinions what's important is some may want complete sets, Others may not. I am a 4 handicap and would prefer a set with a consistent everything not a set of AP1s with png wedges or Vokey, which I just don't like, just to keep the titleist name in my bag. I play what works for me I like the AP1 and AP2 but not the wedges. I may like the AP wedges and maybe just maybe others too.

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