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Help choosing new irons

Michael D

I am 41 years old, 5"11, 185 lbs. and fairly athletic. For the past 15 years or so I have been playing cally irons. I started with the x-14's and progressed through the x-16, x-20, x-22 and my current set of Razr X. I average about 40-50 rounds per year and generally purchase new irons every 2-3 seasons.

I have never been the strongest iron player, but I did manage to bring my handicap down to a 7.8 last summer based mostly on consistently good wedge play and strong putting. In a typical summer I will mostly shoot in the low 80's with 8-10 rounds in the 70's and probably another 5-6 that reach 90.

Bottom line, I am not looking for a blade - I will still need to work around some mis-hits in my round, so I do want an iron that remains easy to hit and forgiving, yet can crank some distance and seem appropriate in my bag.

I will check out the cally xHot/xHot2 and the Apex, but I am seriously considering a change from cally and plan to give a good, long look to the AP1 714.

I am hoping that some Titleist enthusiasts can give me an honest assessment on the AP1 714 and how I might expect them to outperform the cally's I am used to. Also, if there are pros/cons and any differences I might need to get used to if I step into the Titleist iron.

Any feedback would be great. Thanks.

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  1. Norris

    Michael; Don't know if I can be of much help, but Ill give you my experience. I played Callies for several years, then went to Cobr. and later to Cleve, and played them several years with several different models, and I played my best golf with the Cleve's. Then last year I moved to the 712AP1's, and I can tell you that the AP1's are by far the best clubs I've ever played. Also, the service and support that I've gotten from Titleist can't be compared by any other manufacturer bar none. I'm confident in saying that if you go to Titleist, you'll never go back to any other brand. Also, Titleist gives you more options i.e. shafts, grips, heads, specifications, etc. than any other manuf. I'm about a 15 handicap, and the AP1's fit me great, but with your HC you might want to take a look at the AP2's. if you like to work the ball very much. The AP1's are great for me since I like to hit the ball straight.

    Other than the testimonial, I suggest that you try to find a "Demo Days" in your area and hit different clubs from 2-3 different manufactures and try to compare (for lack of a better term,"Apples to Apples)  clubs that are close to the same and see which fits your game the best.   Then if you do choose Titleist, go to an authorized Titleist fitter, and he/she can fit you for the exact clubs you need for your game, and you'll never be sorry.

     Good luck in your quest and keep it in the short grass.

  2. Anthony D

    Norris is spot on. im currently using the AP2 but before that i used cally FT's then AP1 before my current irons. with your handicap i would seriously consider the AP2's but the AP1's offer the forgiveness you are looking for yet still have that sleek look plus the different options titleist offers in shaft grip etc. As for cons me personally i cant speak on that because my clubs seem to fit me just how I like, i guess price would be a con but you get what you pay for and theyre worth every dime to me. Happy hitting and hope this helps

  3. Swarper

    Honestly you can't go wrong with any of the new titleist irons, but if you're looking for more distance and not a lot of ball movement then the AP1's are definitely the way to go. The AP2's would also be another good choice, both are forgiving but the AP2's are more workable then the AP1's. I've always played titleist and I'll never play another brand, once you change you won't either.
  4. Jeff S

    If I were you, I would look at the 714 AP2's. They are a little more crafty & workable while still offering forgiveness for the occasional mishit.

    Once you play Titleist irons, there's no going back. It's a lifetime of loyalty. I'm still playing my 695 CB's, and I'm on year 7. Before that, it was the DCI Black.

    Purchase with confidence, and good luck. This is the best family of irons in golf.

  5. Chuck Z

    Cally's new Apex irons are an awesome iron but they are set up about three degrees stronger that Titleist irons.  In comparison, you would want our 714 AP2s.  Apex and AP2s run the same in price.  To get the same distances, you would need to have them set up stronger.  I used to be totally Cally and then went to Wilson Staff Ci9 irons and then to APs and then to 714 APs....I feel I made the right choice for does take a while to get used to the fhe forged heads.....I made the change late in life at the age of a 10 handicapper and shot a 69 with my my APs two days after my 67th birthday......I am sold on Titleist and am completely Titleist now....

  6. Don T

    Michael, My 2 cents: I was fitted and bought Titleist 714 AP1 irons 6-W2 in late November 2013. Winter here in Denver. As I look over my 1st recordable score for 2014, I want to say I am hugely happy with my new Irons/Wedges. I shot an 84. They felt wonderful and were everything that I had hoped them to be. End of round was very breezy and was still able to work the ball around and keep it in play quite nicely. What is notable here is that last year I ended with a 14.7 index and discouraged. I too was not the strongest iron player. Today I hit 10 of 18 greens, a bunch of fairways, no real blow-up holes but 3 putted 4 times. (maybe I should get my putting sorted out). At any rate.. Get fitted.. get what Titleist Irons are best for you.. You won't regret it!! Don T
  7. Tom P

    I agree with all the other posts. From 1991 until 2002, I played muscle backs and players cavity backs made by miz, bstone, png, Ben Hogan, and cleve. In 2002, I purchased a set of Titleist 690CB's and have played nothing but Titleist since then. The quality and workmanship is second to none.  My last two sets were custom orders and the specs have been spot on.  I cannot say that about some of the other sets that I have ordered.  My current set is 714 AP2's.  I was fortunate to be fitted at the Oceanside Fitting Center.  I recommend that you find an Advanced or Regional Fitting Center near you.   New irons are a significant investment , so you need to make sure you purchase the proper head design and have the correct shaft which matches your physical and swing characteristics.  Rest assured, you will be pleased with whichever Titleist iron model you select.   Every club in my bag is Titleist and I intend for that to be the case forever.   As others have stated, once you play Titleist equipment, you will never need to consider others.   

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