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CB irons

Sam S


I never knew how great the Titleist CB irons truly were until I had the chance to hit them (without a foot of snow)!  They have a nice consistent, high ball flight from the pitching wedge through the 3-iron, without excessive spin.  They are very forgiving for a player's iron.  They are easily maneuverable.  They have allowed me to take shallower divots.  Plus, they have a tremendous look, feel, and even sound to them that is unmatched!!

This post is for all the Titleist CB iron players.  Thank you Titleist for making such a great product for me to enjoy!  I know that these irons will help me lower my scores and have more fun in doing so.

Thank you!

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  1. Bubba

    So glad to hear you like the CB's.  I will be sure to pass your comments along to the club R&D team.


    Take care,



  2. Laurent B

    they truly are amazing. They got me down from 13 to 9 in 4 games :)

  3. Johnny B

    CB's are awesome!  

    As a wedding gift- my fiance let me buy all new golf gear (budget couldn't cover new fairway woods), but  I've been playing with my 714 CB's for about a month and a half now...  I love them.  They look killer in the bag and I'm performing better than I ever have.  My local fitter only had a 6 iron the day i was fit, so i went with 712U's for 3 and 4 iron because i read a review in golf digest that the CB high irons were little help to most, almost wish i wouldn't have read that, either way-   WOW.... love my bag set up.  now if only my Fiance would let me splurge on some new 913 Fairway woods to complete my Titleist set up.  I hit my CB's about 20 yards further than my previous PINGS...and the ball goes right were i want it.  The feedback at the  range is making me a better golfer, ball striker, and really helping in pursuing the next level of golf.  couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship, quality, and consistent performance of my Titlist gear ESPECIALLY THE CB's.


  4. Dylan B

    The first time I hit them on the range I knew I was going to get them. Best irons ever especially with the KBS Tour shafts

  5. David C

    I keep hearing great things about the KBS Tour shaft. I just got fitted for some AP2's with KBS tour shafts and I can't wait to get the money together to order them. I never thought that a shaft could make that much of a difference but wow!

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