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Rex F

I went thru the fitting process for the first time in my playing life. I have been playing for almost 40 years. I really enjoyed the process and the Titleist Fitter did a great job explaining things as we went along. My disappointment is how long the clubs are taking to arrive . They were order on 03/24 and have still not arrived. They are the AP1 heads with standard shafts and grips. The only thing custom is the 2 degree flat lie. I am wondering how long they should take to arrive ? Am I expecting to much ?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Rex,  Check with your pro shop as normal build and shipping would have delivered the clubs last week.  However, if you ordered an XP 95 Reg flex shaft, they have been back ordered about a week or so and are due to arrive this Friday. We would have let your pro shop know the expected ship date when they placed the order. 

  2. Rex F

    Thanks Kathy He thought they should have delivered last week as well. He is just not to good on follow up. Thanks for the info.
  3. Kevin N

    I've ordered clubs through Titlelist fitting days at two separate locations and each order took exactly a week from order date to delivery to Maryland. In fact, I just ordered a 913H yesterday and was told it will be in this time next week. Hope you get your irons soon!

  4. Rex F

    Thanks Kevin This has been somewhat frustrating for me. This is the first time I am ordering any Titleist equipment and really looking forward to playing them. I have always played other manufacturers equipment and it has never taken this long. I have a feeling my Pro made some kind of error or mistake.
  5. Rex F

    Cathi has been able to get this straightened out. My irons are shipping tomorrow and a new driver in two to three days. Thanks again Cathi for the great Customer Service.
  6. Rex F

    I have now had my clubs a couple of weeks. When I was fitted for clubs I was hitting my old clubs consistently out on the toe. My fitter gave me a club that was 2 degrees flat and I immediately starting hitting balls in the center of the club face. From the time I took my new irons out of the box I have once again been hitting them off the toe. Is it possible clubs were produced incorrectly ? Maybe even ordered incorrectly ? I checked with the Pro and he says they were ordered two degrees flat.. Any thoughts anyone has to offer ? As of today I am pretty disappointed.
  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Rex,  The clubs were ordered at 1 flat .  Are they going straight?  are they going to the left?  We would recommend having Kirk take a look at ball flight and see what is happening.  If he feels they need to be bent further, have him set it up to bend further.  Please give us a call at 1-888-TITLEIST and we can go over the specs with you.  . 

  8. Rex F

    Will speak with Kirk tomorrow. Thanks

  9. Rex F

    Just spoke with Kirk he said the receipt shows 2 degrees flat. He also mentioned that he has ordered a few sets 1 degree flat but mine clearly says 2 degrees on receipt

  10. Rex F

    Cathi  Kirk just called me and said receipt shows ordered at 2 degrees flat
  11. Rex F

    They are going to the left. I have discussed with Kirk and he says the receipt shows they were ordered 2 degrees flat.. Once again thanks for your quick response. He has ordered a couple of sets 1 degree flat but is sure mine were ordered correctly. It is possible mine were mixed up with another set... We are going to get together later today to try and figure out the issue.
  12. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Rex,  I apologize, You are right - he did order several sets at 1 flat and your set was ordered at 2 flat.  Can you call us at 1-888-TITLEIST (888-848-5347)

  13. Rex F

    Yes I will call.
  14. Rex F

    Cathi Sorry I missed your call. I did send a post last night late but it appears to have not been posted. I went up to the Club last night and got together with Kirk. There is no doubt that the clubs are 2 degrees flat as ordered. I work at the Pro Shop on Wednesday evening and was not able to do much. However I went and hit a few balls of the driving range mat and was striking the ball in the center of the club. We do not have a grass driving range so I could not then go hit balls of the grass. The shop was quite busy so I did not make it out to play. I will be playing this weekend. Kirk seems to think it was a set up issue on my part. I am going to try to work that out this weekend. If that does not work I will call you to discuss the other option. Once again thanks for your efforts on my behalf. It now appears I was wasting your time.
  15. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Let us know how it goes!

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