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910 D2 possible cracked face

David G

I got my 910 D2 has a gift a couple years ago from an ex-girlfriend.  While I was cleaning my clubs, I discovered what might be a hairline crack in the face near the toe. I did the water test, which didn't yield any bubbles, but I've heard that it isn't always 100% proof.

I don't have the receipt and we are no longer on speaking terms.  Am I SOL, or will Titleist warranty the head?

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  1. Chuck Z

    They have a limited one year warranty on their equipment, but go to this site and check it out for further information.


  2. Chris S

    Hi David, 

    The 910 I'm sure will be out of warranty by now. 

    Funny you mentions getting the club from a GF. I also got a driver as a gift from a GF, which ended up not fitting me at all! Unknown to her I sold that club and got a different one.  When she found out...well....lets just say, I played with the club ALOT more than I got to play with her!

    Moral of the story,  Never ask for clubs as gifts! Ever! Unless a fitting is included! ;) And don't EVER sell it!

    Chris S


  3. Chris S

    Forgot to add that she is an X now too ;)

    Chris S

  4. Don O

    Chris S

    Forgot to add that she is an X now too ;)

    Chris S

    LOL, we figured that out in the first message....about when you said you spend more time with the driver than her.

    Girlfriends come and go, but a Scotty is forever...

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