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Combo Set?

Hunter F

Hey guys I'm currently in the market to replace my png S56 irons that I've had for 2 years (which is a long time for me).  Anyway, I'm going to look at the cally Apex Pro's, cally 2013 X Forged, Titleist 714 CB, and Titleist 714 MB and CB combo, all in 4-PW and KBS Tour Stiff.  I need some insight and opinions from ya'll about what would suit me and my game; I am 18, 5 handicap, and a good ball striker.  I really want to look at the combo set, but I'm not sure if it will be the best for me.  So I really need some help!!!!

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  1. Parker S

    I wouldn't rule out the s55 i just hit them yesterday and loved them. I would look at either the s55 or the 714 CB

  2. Don O

    You can get a lot of free advice here - and all of it well-intentioned.  Also worth every penny you pay for it.

    If you think the same shaft will work the same in all vendor heads, then you won't be getting your best value.  If you think you should/might get a mixed set (and with Titleist, you purchase by the club, mixing can only make sense), then see a good Titleist fitter and work with that expertise to find the ideal shaft for you and the head you select.  At these prices and your skill level, a custom fit is worth every penny.  Most pro shops will reduce/eliminate the fitting fee with a purchase of a full set.  Best to go with an outside fitting.  Mats are not the same.

    Any number of folks on this site continually are amazed that the best combination is not what they expected walking into the fitting.

    If you want to buy off the rack, I'd suggest the cheapest set.  Then you won't be disappointed with Titleist not meeting expectations.

  3. Hunter F

    Thank you for your insight, it really helps me a lot. I realize that custom fitting is the way to go, but where I live there are not any good fitters within 100 miles. I just need to figure out if I want the Titleist irons or the cally irons. Do you know anything about the Apex Pro, or X Forged irons? Good or bad?
  4. Chuck Z

    A buddy of mine went with the Apx Pro with the KBS stiff shafts and they are very similar to the 714 AP2s in performance and price, with one exception they are stronger per iron (if you check the loft of cally irons they are two to three degrees stronger than Titleist).  He two is a strong player, 58 years old and a 3 handicaper.  I tried to get him into the AP2S, which I play but the cally's fit his game more and he did go to a fitter.  They do carry as far on the course as they do in the simulator because he was hitting his six iron around 210...go to a qualified fitter and let them be the judge of what you might be surprised....good luck

  5. Hunter F

    Thank you Chuck for your insight I really appreciate it. I will definitely planning on going to a fitter.

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