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Pulling the ball?

Curtis M

This year I was fitted for the new 714's.  First time ever fitted.    I went with 4-6 AP1's, 7-W AP2's.   All with the NS Pro 1050 shafts.   A bit heavier than my previous shafts.  I only have about 10 rounds on the clubs and I love them so far.  My only issue is that I've always missed right when I do miss.  Now with the new clubs, I am missing left.   Almost like I am pulling the shot but it doesnt quite feel like a pull.   Am I just having to adjust my aim due to clubs actually fit for me?   Or does the heavier shaft effect this in anyway?    Either way the irons are amazing and I am getting use to them, just need some more playing time I guess.   Just was curious why things could change that dramatically.  

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  1. DJ V

    I recently got fitted for the time ever as well. I was got with 714 AP1s 4-W1 with DG R300 which is a heavier shaft. I push the ball a lot so all my misses we're right as well but the first ball I hit with a R300 went left. It must be a timing thing and I think just getting used to the heavier shafts will fix it. I personally love the feel of the heavier shaft and am excited to get them. 

  2. Lou G

    The problem with pulling or missing right is the same thing - over the top or an outside in swing.  When you pull, the clubface is actually square to the swing path and when you miss right it is open to the swing path but probably on target.  The heavier shaft probably causes you to follow through on the swing path.

    "Over the top" is caused by starting the swing with the upper body instead of the lower.

  3. Noah B

    I do not know much on club fitting but maybe the heavier shaft just needs some breaking in.

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