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910D2 vs. 913D2

Brad L

I was wondering if any of you have compared a 910 to a 913? I have a 910D2 and it's the best driver I've ever had so I didn't get a 913 . Any thoughts on this?

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  1. Norris

    Brad; I just posted on this a few days ago, and I have both the 910D2, and 913D2 both 10.5*  I'm sure you'll get 20 different opinions on this, but for me, I hit my 910D2 better than the 913.  My 910D2 has a 'ilima 61 "A" flex, and the 913D2 has the bassara 50 "R" flex. I have switched shafts between the two, but my best results is the 'ilima 61 "A" in the 910D2. My distance, and contact with the sweet spot is more consistent with the 910. For some reason, and I don't know why, the 913 just doesn't feel right to me. I still have the 913, but the 910 is what I keep in the bag. I'd suggest that you go to a Demo Day, or Titleist dealer, and hit a 913, and see for yourself, since everybody is different. Hope this helps.  

  2. Brad L

    Hi Norris Thank you for answering my question
  3. Sam S

    I own the 910 D2, and have hit the 910 D3 & the 913 D2 & D3.

    For me, the 910's suited my eye better from the top.  The shape looked more traditional and was easier for me to align.  Also, the improvement in performance was minimal with the 913's, so I stayed with the 910's.  However, I trust that Titleist will improve and look forward to the 915's!!  The 913's are $400 now, but probably will drop to under 200 in a year.  If I were you, I'd hold on to your 910 D2 one more season and jump to the 915's when they come out.  I know that's what I'm planning on doing.

    Hope I could be of assistance,


  4. SGB

    Hi Brad,
    I also have the 910D2, with the Bassara 50 "A" flex and am looking to get fit in the fall for a new 915D2! I did hit the 913D2 and not enough extra distance, better feel, etc to help make that upgrade decision at that time. I cannot wait to go back to the Manchester Lane Performance Center again and go thru that wonderful "tour" fitting process again! I hope that there is not a lot of "cosmetic/look" changes as I think like the majority of us, why mess with an AWESOME product? 
    I am planning on posting after my fitting for both the new 915 driver AND a new fairway wood and look forward to other TT posting's regarding too! 
  5. Norris

    Your more than welcome Brad. Glad I could be a help. That's what Team Titleist is here for, and any more questions you may have, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck with your game, and I'll see you in the fairway.   Norris:

  6. Brad L

    Hi Gents, Thanks for replies! Looking forward to seeing the 915, but will keep my 910 until then
  7. Don O

    I've had a bunch of swing changes over the last 3 years, so I've been through a G15 12 w/A-Flex, a 910 with Ilana R flex, and now a 913 with S+ Stiff.  I would have gotten the S+ for the 910, but the shaft and trade-in was only $40 less than the 913.  They were otherwise pretty close, but I didn't get enough of a comparison to see if a larger sweet spot made a difference.  I wouldn't have bothered with the 913 if the drives weren't dropping straight out of the sky with no roll and the shaft that fit me wasn't so expensive as a separate item.  In the 90 and under speeds, the archer is more of a factor than the bow.

  8. Barry B

    I have a 910D2 and a 913D2.  Both are 10.5s with different shafts, YS6+ in the 910 and a G series 60 in the 913 (I also have swapped shafts between the two).  I get better carry - less roll with the 910 and less carry - more roll with the 913, even when I swapped shafts.  I don't remember what my fitting numbers were and can't find my paperwork, but I think my spin numbers were higher with the 910.  Depending on conditions, I alternate between them.

    Hope this helps,


  9. Russ Burgess


    I had a fitting recently and I have a 910 8.5 with a RIP Reg shaft.  I had the shaft in my 910 and tried a 913 and hit the 913 about 5-8 yards further.  Not enough to consider buying a new driver!


  10. Norris

    Hello Again Brad; I was watching the "Player's Tournment"  Sunday, and noticed that Jordan Spieth's driver is a 910D2. Just thought I'd mention that to you.  Play well my friend.    Norris:

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