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Switching to Titleist

jarrell r

I normally play a whole bag of TM minus my wedges which are cleve, my ball which is the nxt and my putter which changes depending on course between a swoosh, or a 8802 style.  For the longest time I have kept up with what titleist makes and puts out on the market.  The way they space club releases out make it easier for the amateur golf.  From fellow team titleist members why should I make the jump to titleist.  I'm pretty sure i want to switch I just would like some extra feedback.  My handicap is a 18 also.

Thank you guys a lot

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  1. DaveB

    I recently purchased my first set of Titleist irons, the AP1's.  I had played Wilson Ultras for 23 years prior to this purchase and hand-me-downs before that.  I have always played Titleist balls because of their softer feel off the club face.  I went to Titleist because of their tremendous reputation for making quality irons... not that other manufacturers, such as miz, don't make quality irons as well. But the Titleist name has been steadfast in the industry for a long, long time and I've always trusted their products because of that, but for me, they always seemed to be juuuust out of reach from a financial standpoint. Considering that this may well be the last set of clubs I ever purchase, I wanted to go with the manufacturer that I feel delivers the best product and customer service and I felt that in my opinion, Titleist was the one for me.  You will not be disappointed.

  2. Chuck Z

    I have played png, cally, and Wilson Staff and find that the Titleist clubs are more consistent and just have a better feel.  Of course I switched to a forged club, which took a little getting used to.  Titleist does not change their clubs just to be change them like some of the other manufacturers do, in my opinion.  I think you will find that those of us who have switched to the new Titleist clubs are very happy with our selections, because we went to a fitter and purchased clubs that fit our swings.  Their R&D dept does an outstanding job and takes pride in the product.     

  3. Chris S


     You definitely can't go wrong when choosing Titleist! They have been at the top of the industry for a long time for a reason. Excellent performance, quality products and services.  Plus, they don't force feed you trick marketing or gimmick products every couple of months. 

    I have played a full bag of Titleist equipment, driver to putter for 10+ years, and while I have demo'd other equipment, Titleist has always remained in the bag. It just feels right.

    Hope this helps you out, 

     Chris S

  4. Don O

    I got into golf at 59.  Going to golf retailers was like going to electronic stores - the youngsters were more interested in guys their age and focused on the "longest" drivers.  It was like pulling teeth.  The brands that caught their fancy and what the stores stocked offered almost no LH options.  I tried buying used on line, but some just weren't very good for me.  I tried a couple of instructors and that wasn't working.

    I thought cbra would be a good match, so I looked up a fitter of that line. Never even considered Titleist as an option for a pure amateur.  In a stroke of pure luck, they were just unraveling from Accushnet and the pro shop still listed that brand in their ads.  They no longer carried it.  So I was fitted at what is an Advanced Fitting Center for irons with png and Titlelist.  I selected the AP1 over the G20 and have never looked back.  My fitter is now my instructor and I play at that club with a full bag of Titleist.  Service is great, and the TT concierges have been helpful in ways I never see in the world of big box stores.  Had no idea I meandered into one of the top Titleist fitters in Wisconsin.

    The clubs are for serious golfers.  Not low handicappers, just serious.  I have been rewarded with consistent response with equipment from balls to clubs.  The super game improvements I was usnig are now too offset and I tend to pull.  So working on my game to step up to the clubs, I enjoy the game more now.  My goal this year is to improve my consistency to redo my bag from 7I to PW with AP2s.  The next step.

    The difference in getting a brand that offers a wide selection of LH options and Titleist is small when factored over a few years is negligible.  In 4 years I won't be 6 models behind the current model.  It's value you use for a long time. The best accident to happen to me was to fall into Titlest completely by serendipity.

    Make the leap, get fit, and good luck with your game!  A good fitter will work with you to allow you to replace what will help you now, you don't have to be pressured to replace a full bag - unless you want to.  My fitter wouldn't sell me new clubs when the existing clubs were as good.


  5. James T

    I am in the golf business and have delt with every major golf company at some point in time. Titleist by far has the best customer service and quality standards.

  6. Randy K

    Hey Don O, who's your fitter? I'm from Greenville Wi. Thanks Randy.
  7. jarrell r

    I'm liking the input from you guys.  This is making my choice a lot easier.  That was one of my biggest fears that Titleist clubs were for low handicap players only.  I guess next on the list is to find a certified titleist fitter.

  8. Don O

    Randy K

    Hey Don O, who's your fitter? I'm from Greenville Wi. Thanks Randy.

    Cherokee Country Club in Madison is the Advanced Fitting Center.  I use Travis B. for club fittings, and he is now my instructor, as well.  At no extra charge, they fit on the driving range that Steve Stricker made famous by hitting out of the heated shed getting his game back.   J

    The driving range, instruction, and fittings are open to the public.  I think it is the only AFC in Wisconsin.

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