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Titleist Trial Sets



I received an e-mail from Golf Channel informing me about the Titleist Trial Sets.  I find this to be an interesting idea, so I attempted to follow the link to check it out.  The initial page that describes the program--and lists the trial set make ups--works fine, but when I follow the link to try to find nearby Trial Set Partners, all I get is a blank Titleist screen.  Seems to be a glitch.

Second, in reviewing the trial sets, I noticed that all sets that include the AP2 714's (sets 1, 5, and 7) have stiff shafts.  Some of us use AP2's with regular shafts, including my 712's with the Dynalite R300 shaft.  Is there a reason that none of the Trial Sets has such an option?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi,  Perhaps there was an earlier glitch, but it appears to be working this morning.

    The Trial program is a new program for us and we used the flexes and heads that were the most popular, which were AP1's in regular flex and AP2's in DYG S300.  Our fitters do have the option of putting together an AP2 head with a regular flex so that you can hit the head with a regular flex shaft. 

  2. Jacob T

    Hello, I'm just trying to understand how the trial set works?

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