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Putter controversy

Brad m Club Champion

I have had my Select Newport 1.5 for almost 2 years. I have won 2 consecutive match play tournaments,  due directly to my putter.  I have  made several clutch birdie putts with my Scotty. As I like to say it is unbeaten in combat. At Christmas, I bought a Studio Select Laguna 2 with my initials on if from the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop. I was not expecting to use it, but I spent the winter going back and  forth between the 2 clubs in my living room. 7 rounds in to the new year, I was using my old putter for the 1st  two rounds, but made the switch in round 3. Well, the new putter has knocked in 8 birdies in 6 rounds, while the old reliable has not made any. Hence, I have made a putter change officially for the first time in 3 seasons. The old putter is not happy to lose its number one status so early in the year.  

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  1. Curtis M

    Always nice to have a backup when your number 1 is slacking a little!    

  2. Chuck Z

    I have a couple of scotties myself.  Had to penalize my Newport 2 Select recently but came to the conclusion that it wasn't the arrown but the Indian.....I do bring out my old Studio Newport 2 every now and then because I do like the plumber neck shafts, which I had a lot of success with in the past.  Back up is a good thing, right dirt.....  

  3. tdogg21

    I have a bag full of putters and I can't seem to resist a good deal when I see it.  But I've still only used 2 putters over the last 15 years.  I'd like to say my putting shortcomings are because of the putter, but unfortunately I realize it's me.

  4. Donald W

    You might as well take the 1.5 and send it back in to the custom shop. Have them refinish it and put your initials on that too. It's been to good to you to ever get rid of. You'll go back to it at some point so have them make it nice and pretty for you now.

  5. Scott H

    Always nice to have a choice and bringing back the 'old friend' feeling of a putter that has been rolling second string for a while.

    Enjoy the options…

  6. Barry B

    I have a Futura Phantom mallet and a Kombi S that I switch between through the season.  I usually start with the Kombi S in the spring when the greens are a little shaggy and slow here in StL and then switch over to the Futura mallet once the weather warms up and the greens dry out and start running faster, usually by the end of April.  Sometimes when I'm not making putts with the mallet, it does to the closet for a while and the Kombi comes back out.  Having options is a good thing!


  7. Tom B

    Ah, someone else in the same boat.  I agree with the others, it's not the plane but the pilot, BUT, having confidence standing over the putt is huge.  My favorite go to is a Scotty Red X from about 8 years back, when the insert was still being put in the face.  But, I also have a California Del Mar, for slower greens and for when my "bad" habits set in.  One pro said to me ".....if you have a good putting stroke, you could learn to putt good with a 2x4".   I've tried a bunch too, just for kicks, and it always comes down to look and feel for confidence when over it.  But I always go back to, and putt best with the Red X

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