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Titleist 910F Shaft Question


G'day guys,


Any one know if you can use a left handed 910F shaft on a right handed 910F wood head ?


I guess my question is ... Is there any difference between a left and right handed shafts for the 910F, are the surefit tips different in any way ?

Can I put a left handed 910F shaft in a right handed 910f head and have the same functionality with the surefit adjustments for a right hander ?



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  1. Bubba

    Hi Dee, 

    Thanks for the question.

    There are no Right or Left handed shafts for the 910, there is only one surefit hosel.  You can use the same shaft in both a right and left handed head. However, the settings are different.  For instance A-1 on a RH head is the Std. setting, whereas A-1 on a LH head is added loft. 

    I have included a link to the portion of our website where you can find both charts.

    Hope this helps.


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