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3 Wood vs. Hybrid

Brandon A

Hi All,

I'm looking to round out my bag this summer and with the addition of 3 new SM5's it's pretty close to done. 

I'm looking to add either a hybrid or a 3 wood as I have in my bag now 910D2, AP2 3-9, 47,52,56. 

Theres nothing between my driver and irons. However I rarely ever use anything in that club range for a second shot. 

Should I go with a hybrid on the off chance I need to on a long par 5 and tee shots? Or a wood for those times my driver just won't work right off the tee?


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  1. Bubba

    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for the question.

    In trying to figure out what club to use between your driver and longest iron, you need to analyze your game.  What shot do you find you need a club for more often, the long approach into a green or the second option off the tee? What shot does your home course require more often?

    Once you answer these questions you will have a better idea of what club to get.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Chuck Z

    Love my hybrids:  I have in my bag: 10.25 driver, 14.25 FW, 17.0H, 19.0H, 24.0H, 5-Pw, 50w-55.11W....all titleist/vokey of course.....this seems to cover all my distances....probably could do away with the 17H but use it on some short par fours for accuracy when it requires a old guys rely on those H clubs.....

  3. Gil C

    Hi Brandon,

    Personally I would advise you to at least have a 3 wood in your bag. In some courses(specially in par 4's) I play I just don't need the full distance that my driver provides and the 3-wood gives me a really solid contact which is usually very accurate. Even if you need a long shot but you find yourself in a narrow fairway, with for example a lake or bunkers on the side, the accuracy that the 3-wood provides might help, you may lose a few yards but you avoid a bunker or lake.

    Considering hybrids you really have to try to them out, some people just don't like to hit them, others love it. 


    Gil C.

  4. DaveB

    Personally, I would add both of them... a 3W and a Hybird.  If my math is correct, you're carrying 12 clubs including your putter.  A 3W, IMHO, is a necessary club to have... for accuracy off the tee as well as advancing the ball on those longer par 5's.  I also like having the hybrid for the more difficult lies in rough, as well as filling the gap between your long iron and your 3W.  But that's just me... I go Driver, 3W, 19* Hybrid, then 4I on up through the rest of my irons.  I use the hybrid quite a bit off the tee on short par 4's, but then again, you carry the 3I. But IMO, as long as you have the room, I would experiment with both the 3W and hybrid and see what fits as Bubba mentioned earlier.

    Good luck!

  5. Brian Z

    Reiterating much of the same sentiment, I've gone with 15 clubs in the trunk and shuffle depending on the course/game I'm playing:

    913D3 7.5°

    913Fd 15°

    913Hd 20°

    712U 21°

    714 AP2 4-GW

    Vokey 54° and 58°

    Course and my game depending, I'll put 2 out of 3 in the bag between the fairway, hybrid, and utility club.  I've also found that with the loft adjustability on the fairway and hybrid I can really fine tune the gaps between as I want to see them.

    Best of luck!

  6. Lou G

    If you put a 4 wood in there, it gives you room for a 60* wedge.   

    You'll probably use the 4 wood more on the long par 5s.  Very little difference between it and a 3 wood plus it is easier to launch on the grass.

    I carry a 3 wood, 7 wood and 22H for the long clubs.


  7. Lou G

    I happen to be a fan of a 7 wood because I hit it about the same distance as a 17 hybrid and I can hit it off some of the worst lies.

    The gap between a 7 wood and 22H for me is 10 yards.  I have about 15 between the 3W and 7W if the former is hit properly.  The courses in San Diego have close mowed fairways so my use of a 3 wood is primarily on the edge of the rough. 

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