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Dual balanced putters?

Sam S

Hi TT, In a recent email from Scotty Cameron enews, I read that the Newport 2 and GoLo putters were going to be released with "dual balance". The email said it adds extra stability and helps with repetition in the stroke. Can anyone tell me what this is and how it works? Thanks, Sam

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  1. Cameron D


    The stability in the stroke comes from the 50g weight being above the hands.  This helps to control the hands and make the stroke more free flowing.  The added length also allows you to focus on keeping the butt end of the shaft pointed at your mid section for a more consistent stroke.



  2. Lance F

    Hi Sam,

    I recently picked up a dual balance futura x and I believe the claims.  The extra weight in the putter head as well as above you hands in the grip are great.  One would think this would make "flipping" the putter head easier, but it does not.  I feel the extra weight helps my "good" putting strokes by promoting better tempo and keeping my putter head on line.  It takes time to get used to, but I'm a convert.  I have over 20 Scotty's and have tried just about every Cameron putter since 1999.  Hope you get to try it out!



  3. Chris92009

    Sam according to a discussion with Scotty at the Int Collectors Convention I had, he strongly suggested that one needs around 3 inches above your grip in order for this work properly...thus, take the length of your standard putter and add three more inches to get the correct length of can read more on this site or

    Good Luck!


  4. Mike C

    I purchased a Futura X with the Dual Balance after I was able to roll some putts with one and it has been great.  The design of the club certainly works as advertised.  The extra weight really works to steady my hands and promote a smooth take away and follow through.  I was reluctant to switch putters but after I put this in the bag I have not looked back.


    Go to the pro shop or golf store and try this out.  Once you have an opportunity to try this configuration side by side with a traditional putter I think you will readily see how it works to make your stroke smoother.


  5. vurich

    Dual Balance is the only way to go.  After using this, it's insane going back to the old grip.  

    You'll love it.

    Stick with it!


  6. Odette L

    This post has answered a question I have recently been pondering so will search out a local pro shop with one in stock to tr
  7. Andrew A

    I've been very interested in these as well.  I wish scotty made some more models in dual balanced, especially the GoLo 3 model.  I can't get by the visual of the bend shafts and like the slight offset heel shaft.  

  8. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Scotty will be offering the Newport Dual Balance as well as the GoLo 7 Dual Balance.  Both will be launched in shops this Friday.  Here is a link to the GoLo 7 Dual Balance:

  9. Dan H

    There really seems to be something to this Dual balance weighting.  I'm looking at the Futura X Dual Balanced for the future myself. 

  10. steve b

    I got mine yesterday and it is ''super''! I bought the newport 2. It is beautiful!!! It does everything they say it will.Buy one and you will not be sorry.

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