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Titleist CB shafts

Josh Y

I play Titleist CB 712, PX5.5, +0.5", 0.5*upright. My length and lie has been verified, based on my distances below, what irons shaft should I be playing stiffness-wise? My ball flight (and a fitter) suggest I need something a little stiffer. Also, is there a definitive/engineering reason why the standard shaft (DG S300) is the "best" choice? Lastly, should the 52/58 SM5's have the same shafts as the irons or different and why? 

21 - 215
24 - 205
27 - 195
31 - 180
35 - 170
39 - 160
43 - 145
47 - 135
52 - 120
58 - 95

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  1. Bubba

    Hi Josh, 

    Thanks for the question.

    Determining what iron shaft is right for you depends on numerous factors such as spin, launch, feel etc. If the flight of your irons is too inconsistent and you and a fitter believe you need something a little stiffer than S300 I would try a Project X 6.5, DG X100 or KBS Tour X to start.  It is always best to try these shafts with a fitter to better determine what set up will help you the most. 

    As for the wedges, as a fitter I typically would recommend that a player keep the same shaft in their GW (52) as they have in their irons. As for their higher lofted wedges, that is more personal preference. Some players like something a little softer, while others like to keep everything consistent.

    Hope this helps.


  2. James T

    My yardages are almost identical to yours and I am a high spin player. My last two fittings ended with my getting recommended for PX 6.5s and DG X100 Tour Issue shafts. As for the wedge shafts, I went with 6.5s in the first set but my second set I put DG S400 Tour Issue shafts in them. 

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