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Favorite Titleist Club

Bubba Certified Titleist Fitting Professional Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist,

Some of us were recently talking about out favorite Titleist club in our bag. As I was listening to the conversation, I thought this would be a perfect question for all of you.  What is you favorite Titleist club currently in your bag and why? Is it a certain Vokey wedge you use every time you lay up to a certain yardage? Or is it your Titleist driver you use to split the fairway on a long par 4?

My favorite club is my SM5 58 K grind. I love the wider sole and more bounce. It's perfect for the soft, thick conditions up here in Massachusetts.

No matter what your favorite Titleist club is, we hope you get to use it soon.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone.


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  1. Thomas K

    The Titleist 913H.d 20* set at 21.5*. I am 70 years old and can hit this wonderful club over 200 yards on the fly and curve it in both directions. I also have a 913H.d 18* set at 17.25* that I can fly 220 yards and roll over 230 yards. I wish you'd make this club with 15* of loft.
  2. Chuck Z

    I have two favorite 913H 17* hybrid and my 50.08 SM4 Wedge, my go to wedge, which I use it a lot around the greens.....saves me a lot of putts......the hybrid is my old reliable on short par fours....but I guess the wedge would the number one club in the bag......

  3. Rudy O

    My favorite club is the Titleist 913D3 10.5* with the 70G Stiff Aldila RIP Phenom shaft. I love the look of the smaller head and it gives me confidence when I step up to hit the tee shot. The Surefit Tour hosel is top notch and right now set at D1. I love the sound, feel, forgiveness and the accuracy the club produces.

  4. vurich

    my "go to" club used to be my 913H 19degree.

    now it's my 913 15 degree 3 metal.

    I had to send back my driver because of paint chipping, so I was forced to use my 3 wood.

    A blessing which I was cursing myself in the beginning because I had to send my sweet 913 driver back.

    But...low and behold, the 3 wood has proven scarily accurate off the tee.

    It's also kept me out of trouble because of less distance, therefore less bunkers and water hazards have come into play.

    My 3 metal used to be my least favorite club.  Probably because I rarely hit it.

    Now it's my pride and joy.

    Go figure.

    Thanks for the post, Bubba!


  5. Dan S

    58 SM4 it has great feel, and great versatility. I can pitch, short chip, lob shots, or blast out of sand traps.

  6. Arie H


    Greetings from the sunny and warm Indonesia. My favorite Titleist club is the 712 AP1 irons. They provide really good feedback as to where i strike the ball. Distance is good. As i have the NS Pro 950 R shaft with my irons, i love the high flight and quick stop ball resulting from those irons.


  7. Bubba

    Great conversation everyone, keep sending in the responses. 

    I was reading through everyone's posts and I noticed a theme; most people's favorite club is one that helps them on approach shots into and around the green. We all know the driver is extremely important in setting up these shots; however, without a good drive it makes it more difficult to stick our hybrid, irons or wedges close. I was just interested to hear most responses talk about scoring clubs. 

    If I had to pick my second favorite club it would have to be my 913D3, because who doesn't like to hit a booming drive down the middle of the fairway?

    Again, great responses. Can't wait to hear more.


  8. Jonathan C

    Gotta go with my Scotty Cameron Kombi! There's nothing better than draining a birdie putt or saving a clutch par with the putter.
  9. Michael S

    I would have to go in a slightly different direction and say my Titleist Scotty Cameron Dual Balance Futura putter. There is nothing like standing over any putt possible and having the confidence to know that you can make the putt consistently on your line of choice.
  10. Andrew A

    Without a doubt, it has to be my raw black SM5 60 degree M grind Vokey wedge.  The versatility and option that come with the m grind are just mind blowing.  From tight hard lies, soaked fairways, gnarly green side rough, this club can handle them all in while presenting different options.  I can play a small bump and run, soft high lob or a quick on bounce and check from all of them.  Simply spectacular and a genuine par saver!

    THANKS BOB!!!!

  11. Ben M

    Another vote for Cameron putter.  Old Newport in carbon with pro platinum finish.  Probably the one club that will never be replaced.

  12. Alex M

    My favorite Titleist club in the bag has to be my Scotty Cameron Newport Mid Slant. Draining putts after GIR's or getting the ball up and down is the best feeling in the world. My Scotty has never failed me and it never will!

  13. Justinu3

    While my whole bag is Titleist and I love each... I have a soft spot for the flatstick... which ever is in rotation...

  14. Nick R

    AP2 irons, on my third set and they are cash money

  15. Andrew J

    I love my 712u. High long and straight. Pretty easy to hit. Hoping for a #5 option.
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