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712u and AP2 or CB???

Jeff H

I have been considering a change from my 710 AP2 s for awhile now. I am stuck between the AP2 714 of CB 714. I recently took a CB 714 6 iron demo out. Despite the lie angle being a couple degrees off I like the feel and the forgiveness. The distance seemed good despite the tt s300 not being a shaft I am familiar with since playing Rifles and PX for so many years.  I would appreciate any input on the forgiveness you may be experiencing and also trajectory. I am a 3 hcap and my weakness is getting long irons high enough when I need to. Thinking of 4 iron in 712u and 5-pw in CB. 

any thoughts appreciated greatly. 



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  1. Brett L

    I would definitely go with the CB. I had the 712 series. I thought  they were easy to to draw or fade. I just switched to the 714 MB and I love them they are very similar to the CB, just a little smaller sweet spot but distance is very consistent if  you hit it solid. I am a +1 handicap. Brett  

  2. Terry L

    I purchased the 714 CB's with the S300 shafts. Great clubs and one of the things I like most about them is the ability to hit the 3 & 4 irons much higher than I could with the 990's I had before.  Hope that helps and I would think if you  tested them out with a fitter you would probably see the same results.


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