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Distance Gap

jarrell r

So i'm back again and i finally did it.  I now put into play my new titleist 913F and 913H.  The only problem I'm having is finding something to fill the gap.  My fairway wood is 13.5 and I hit it on average between 260 and 270 from the tee.  The hybrid which is 21 I hit on average between 210 and 220.  I'm torn between choosing the 17 in either the hybrid or fairway wood.

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  1. Don O

    You'll need to try them both. Typically with a longer shaft, the FW will be a little longer, the H will hold greens better with a higher flight. Adjustable heads can complicate this. Depends on what you need to use the club for.
  2. Jesse P

    Hi Jarrell,

    You certainly have a dilemma on your hands...or do you?  I think you need to ask yourself what do you want to use the club for?  If you are looking for something that will hold a green go with the Hybrid which should give you a higher ball flight.  If you are looking for length to close the gap fairway wood is the way to go. However judging from your distances stated I would go with the Hybrid, no need for more lenght.


  3. jarrell r

    Yea the club will be mostly used on par 5 and off the tee when the 13.5 is too long and the 21 is a tad bit short.
  4. John L

    I genuinely agree with Don O. you need to try them both out and even get a fitting. I'm guessing the 712U is not a comfortable fit for you. But a part of me recommends hybrid. and i say that because you should have more control with the long shots off the deck with the hybrid. and i say this because if your trying to hit the green from 230-240. your statistical odds of being accurate are not that great. that might be the time to lay up and find the sweet spot distance. but yea i would go hybrid.

    cheers greens and fairways to all


  5. Chris92009

    I agree with Jesse...going points! +1

  6. jarrell r

    I normally have a sweet spot to lay and and drill a wedge close but some days you feel like you have that green light and want to attack the pin 

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