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Looking for new clubs


Hi guys,

Quick question for you all.

I started playing golf last year and have been completely bitten by the golfing bug! So this year I am looking to build on the solid work Ive put in over the last 12 months where Ive had several competition wins and placings (and get to see my name up on a couple competition boards in the club house at the end of this season:).

Anyway I am currently playing with a beginner set of cavity backs I picked up from Direct Golf. There is nothing special about these clubs BUT I can get some big distances out of them and they are absurdly easy to hit. So I think Im at the stage where Id like to replace these clubs with a new set that I can grow my game in to.

Ive had fittings for swoosh Cavity back, Cbra bio cell and Png G25's but the reality is that after plonking down nearly a grand for my golf subs that my finances are somewhat limited. So with that in mind (and I finally get to my question) would I lose anything by going with the AP1 712 clubs?

So far all my fittings have had me with stock shafts (border line regular and stiff but to get the best out of a stiff shaft I need to improve my technique as my club head speed is in the 90mph range for the irons according to the fitters) with the clubs being bent 2 degrees upright. So could I ask my club pro to order a set of AP1 712 bent 2 degrees upright and have confidence they will be fine?

As I mentioned earlier, finances are a bit tight but for around £350 for AP1 712 set its considerably cheaper than all of the other options Ive looked at so far and I suspect Im not going to miss much tech wise anyway?

FINALLY, is it possible just to order 5i to PW or do I have to stick to 4i to PW as standard?



ps. apologies for the rambling nature of this post :)

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Welcome to the game of golf  It is really an addicting and fun game! The 712 AP1 irons were a great iron - just make sure that you have been able to hit them and be fit before you purchase them.  In the US, we no longer have those heads available to purchase as a custom set, but in the UK, they might have them available.  If they do have those heads, you can order any set composition that you would like - even a single club. 

  2. Garrett W

    I play the 907d2 driver should I get a new now or just play it for a little longer. 

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