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New 913 D2 Driver


I just purchased a new 913 D2 Driver with the Tour Green Stiff Shaft and I can not believe far I am hitting drives now!!!  This club was so easy to adjust to from my 909 D2 and I have gained 10-15 yards with this new driver.

I would also like to thank the Titleist fitting staff as I attended a demo fitting day at my club and was fitted for the new weapon.

Thank you Titleist!!!!

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  1. Bubba


    Thank you very much for the post and the kind comments. 

    We are very glad to hear you like the new 913 D2 so much. It's always great to hear people taking advantage of our fitting network and finding the right combination for them.

    Enjoy the new stick,


  2. dave p

    You are so right!! After being fitted with my 913D2, yardage and accuracy improved greatly! I love standing over a ball knowing it will go where I am trying to put it!! As a club pro told me one day,: That club's almost like cheating! He's right, the 913D2 and my AP1s have given me more distance, accuracy, and CONFIDENCE each shot! Hardest part of getting used to new driver was "learning" to hit less club into green. Enjoy the new club, and welcome to the fairway!!!!!

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