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Newport 2/newport2.5 or golo 3?

Matthew A

need help deciding between the golo 3 select newport 2/2.5? 

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  1. Sylvester S

    personally i would go with the newport 2.5 i dont like the plumber neck look.  I would much rather have the short neck.  it looks more square to me. 

  2. James K

    depends if you like the look of mallet or blade.

    I'm using Newport 2.5 right now.  Chose this bc I'm not a fan of mallet style putters.


    it doesnt matter what you go for, a Scotty putter is awesome in any shape!

  3. Scott M

    I bought a Newport 2 on ebay years ago just to give my first Scotty a try. Two years ago when they came out with the black finish, I bought a brand new Newport 2 and absolutely love it! I can't envision ever having a different putter!
  4. Chuck Z

    I bought the black finish as well, but kinda regret that decision......because it does not hold it's finish very long.......great putter but the finish does fade away.......

  5. Will S

    The biggest difference in these putters besides the way that they look is the amount of toe flow that each putter promotes. The GoLo 3 has maximum toe flow, the Newport 2.5 has near maximum toe flow, and the Newport 2 has medium toe flow. Before you decide on which putter would be best you need to decide what type of putting stroke you have/want.
  6. Tom P

    Matthew A

    need help deciding between the golo 3 select newport 2/2.5? 

    The NP2.5 and the GoLo 3 will work with a putting stroke that is more gated/arc like. These putter have flow necks which causes the putter to have more toe flow. The NP2 has a plumbers neck and will have less toe flow,, however it is still geared to a putting stroke that is arcing.

    Personally I would not be able to use either of the flow necked putters, I prefer a putter with very little toe folw like the Kombi S or double bend shafted Fastback

  7. Luke W

    i love love love my old school circa 62. great putter i cant justify the buying a new one

  8. Will S

    The California line would be the replacement to the Circa 62 not the Select line. 

  9. Matthew A

    alright thanks guys

  10. Matt B

    I recommend going to the Scotty Cameron website and read thru the putter selection page. You will never get this kind of information at any golf shop! He shows each putters offset & head shape, how each design will help you perform. If you tend to miss one way or the other, your aim, etc. The blade style helps me aim left however the offset helps with left misses. I selected the Newport putter with custom 34.5" length due to the proper eye line info he gave on that page & my putting has improved tremendously.

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