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Caring for a Forged Club

Scott M

All, As you know, forged clubs are a softer metal and more prone to knicks and rusting. I clean them often with water and a nylon brush and also keep them dry. I have read online before that some people recommend occasionally wiping them down with some sort of oil, like wd-40 as it help repel water and keep them from developing any rust spots. Has anyone ever tried this and does it have any merit? Does Titleist have an official stance or recommendation on this? Thanks, Scott

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  1. Marc W

    I've been playing various Titleist forged irons for quite a long time and haven't done anything special for care other than cleaning them thoroughly with a damp towel and an old toothbrush if there is a lot of crud in the grooves and then drying them off. I've had no issues with rust forming, etc.

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