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Graphite Design Tour AD DI Black

Kevin D

Does Titleist offer the Tour AD DI in the newer black version or just the traditional orange?  Thanks. 

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  1. Raymondo

    Hi Kevin

    Good news and - not bad but less good. You can get the AD DI in either orange or black. I was fitted for the shaft by a Titleist fitter and was attracted by the numbers that it was giving me with the 913 D3 but struggled with the look of the orange shaft. Obviously some people love the look but I'm a little more traditional and wanted the black option.

    There was a longer wait for delivery (especially here in Australia) and that is the "less good" part.

    Now that the wait is behind me and I'm gaming a shaft that performs up to expectations and doesn't adversely stand out to my eye the way the orange shaft does, I couldn't be happier.

    If you've been fit for this shaft and it suits your game go ahead and run with it. Black is the new Orange in this case.  I certainly haven't been disappointed and expect to be playing the shaft for quite some time to come.

    good luck.


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