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How many of you carry a 5 wood

ben l

I did some tracking over the last few round on how many times I actually used my 3wood and how many times I could have used a 5 wood.  The numbers skewed towards retiring the 3 wood and really identified how critical a 5 wood would be for me.  In my last round the 3 wood was never used, a 5 wood could have been handy on 4 holes.  What I would like to know is how many TT members carry a 5 wood?  I have a hybrid but need something that I can challenge par 5s with confidence from the fairway.  Any feedback would be appriciated.  Thanks!!

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  1. JAMES S


  2. James E


    What degree hybrid do you have? I am guessing a 19*. 

    Are you a high ball hitter, medium, or low ball hitter?

    I am a high ball hitter and I have a 4 and a 5 wood. But I find I launch them too high so they are only used in very specific circumstances. I was actually working on the range this weekend trying to keep them down. I actually prefer my 17* Hybrid as I can flight it a bit better and it still seems to hold well and it goes a long way. I also have a 712U 2 iron but that is used at specific times when I want a lower ball flight still but I don't think it would fit what you are looking for given your question.

    I would say it really depends on whether you can flight those woods well. For me (a high ball hitter) I just find that I prefer a lower lofted hybrid to achieve exactly what I want in that 4 and 5 wood distance range. The 17* Hybrid might be an option if the 4 and 5 wood flight it a bit too high.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Ogiebear

    Hi Ben,

    I carry both a 3 wood and a 5 wood. I use both clubs interchangeably on short par 4s (depending on how far I need to hit the ball). When I'm going for the green in 2 on par 5s, I'm mostly hitting my 5 wood (I seldom find myself at my 3 wood distance). It's hard for me to retire my 3 wood because of sentimental reasons. I learned how to play golf and hit off of the tees with a 3 wood (didn't bag a driver until about 5 years ago). My father, on the other hand, only carries a 4 wood, and he doesn't have any problems on the course. If you haven't hit your 3 wood in a few rounds, I'd argue that you can take it out for something else (extra wedge?) Good luck!

  4. Spudstarch

    I use a 17° wood which gaps one club up from my hybrid. I used to have a 15° wood but then realized that it didn't have a high enough trajectory for me to approach greens. My driver is fairly accurate but not super long, so I am not one of those people who often uses a wood off the tee.

    If necessary, I can lower the trajectory on the 17°, but if I find myself on a slight downhill lie on a par 5, the extra loft is welcome.

  5. Don O

    My 3W is cranked back to 16.5 and I choke down about 3/4 of an inch, so it is really closer to a 4W (a Titleist option not available from every vendor). No shortage of experts writing that most golfers would do better with a 4/5W instead of a 3W, or at least benefit from a shorter shaft. This 913 is the only FW over 19 degrees I have had some semblance of accuracy.
  6. Nick E

    I carry a 3 and 5 wood and a traditional iron set 3-PW

  7. Jacob S

    I do. 910 F and love it!!

  8. 19hole

    I carry both a 3 and 5 wood. I find the 5 wood is a great replacement for my old 2 iron. It gives me much better flexibilty in the bag. I can use it off short par 4 tees, second shots to par 5s and sometime on very long par 3s. It is a lot easier to hit out of the rough or fairway bunkers the nthe old 2 iron too.

  9. Mike C

    I think you have to make up your individual bag with the clubs that are the best fit for your game and the shots you need on a particular round.  At the top end, I carry a driver, 3 wood and hybrid and then move down to a 4 iron.  The 3 wood is a 913Fd and I typically use this from the teeing ground when I need a shorter shot than the driver or want to ensure a tighter shot dispersion.  I usually play with a 21 degree hybrid because it keeps the best gapping in my distances.  Depending on the course I am playing, I may opt to use a 19 degree hybrid instead of the 21 if I think I will encounter shots where I need a little more distance.

    Bottom line, keep the clubs in your bag that you feel most comfortable with and can deliver the shots you need.  Once you take a club out of your bag it doesn't mean it is gone forever.  Experiment with different setups and see what works best for you.  you can always go back to your current setup if is works better for you.

  10. ben l



    You ar correct.  I have a 19* hybrid.  I am exactly oposite from you where I have a medium ball flight and I want to actually get the ball higher.  part of the reason that the woods are so appealing to me is because I tend to hit them sligtly higher then hybrids.  But I have no consistency in my 3 wood from the fairway. 

    Thanks for you response, appriciate it!!!

  11. ben l

    Thank you all for the responses.  Sounds like the majority of you have a 5 wood.  I think that I am going to seriously consider getting one.  It takes me awhile to pull the trigger on new clubs so hopefully the 915F would be out by the time I am ready.  Thanks again!!

  12. Ty Webb

    Driver,3,5,woods 3-pw irons.
  13. Chuck Z

    "R":  The 2 iron is a 18* club and I carry a 913H 17* for those shots.........  My next in my series would be a 913F 15* adjusted to a 14.25*......on the other side would be a 910H 19* adjust to a 20.50* which would be my three iron and I carry a 913H 24* for my 4 iron.....the hybrids really save me.....R man, do you think I have these dialed in or at least headed in the right direction....... 

  14. James E


    You are welcome.

    The 5 wood (or maybe a 4 wood) would be an excellent option for you then given you would like to get the ball up a bit. They will get the ball up and there are many shaft options to help get a bit more spin and a higher launch angle as well (the custom options book is helpful and then you can demo some of the optional shafts). If the 3 wood is not working you could always look to getting another shaft  for it (and don't be afraid to maybe shorted it - ask a fitter or your pro) possibly depending on what the consistency issue may be driven by.  If not, think about getting either the 4 or 5 wood depending on what would fit your needs best and maybe remove the 3 wood for the time being (as I believe someone suggested) and add a wedge. It really depends on what would complement your game on the courses you play most . I hope this helps a little. I am interested to see the path you decide to take and how things work out for you. Best of luck and play well.

  15. Norris

    Hello Ben; Thanks for the question, and you came to the right place for some great feedback. TT members are the best for getting answers to your questions. A 5 wood would benefit you a lot. Myself, I carry a 17* 4 wood, and a 22* 7 wood. Since I have trouble getting a 3 & 5 wood up off the turf, the higher lofted 4&7 woods are better for me.  If you get a chance, try out a 22* 7 wood (Titleist 7 wood is a 21* but you can adjust it to 21.75* or 22.5*) My 7 wood is easier to get up and I get more height and just as much distance as a 5 wood. 

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