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Dynamic Gold s300 vs project x

Alan A

I have the AP 2 irons fitted with the DG S300. But my ball flight is very high! Would the PX lower my ball flight, and being more accurate? Alan

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  1. Bubba

    Hi Alan, 

    Thanks for the post. 

    It really is all player dependent when it comes to comparing the height and accuracy of the S3 and PX.  It is too difficult to say which one will perform better for you without having seen your launch conditions. I would suggest going to a local fitter and trying both shafts to see which one works best for you. 

    Let us know if you have any further questions.


  2. Chuck Z

    I seem to get a little more height with the 95 S300 shaft over my previous PX 5.5....mine are a lighter shaft......but would not say they are more accurate......that has to do more with the indian than the arrow.....I'm always a work in progress....  :-)

  3. Alan A

    Thanks Bubba, I'm going to do just that! Will let you know as soon as i did...
  4. David C

    I have some PX's in a set of 962B's and in my 714 AP2's I have DG S300. The 962B's I bring rain every time I hit them. I hit them twice as high as the DG S300's. I am regularly a high ball hitter so I like how the S300's keep my ball lower than any other shaft I have tried. You will still need to go to a fitter and get on a machine so he can check your attack angle and all of that good stuff.
  5. Jeff Y.

    Hello Alan, I play the PX 6.0 shafts on my 712 MB and I do see a considerable amount of lower trajectory in my 6-4 irons but not so much in the 7-PW. I hit the ball on average  in the middle and can work the ball a little better with these shafts compared to the S300 I got in my wedges which enable me to hit them high an gain a lot of spin on them. If i were you i would get fitted for those clubs, you may need to have them bent a degree upright or down, and possible lengthen or shorten to get a better feel for the clubs. Other players may also say that a high ball flight comes with your swing pattern as well, like for instance and out to in or and in to out will change the ball position and and how the ball is struck with the club. These variations can cause high or low trajectory depending on where the club face strikes the ball at impact. Good luck with your changes hope you can improve your game with these tips.

    Hit em Long, Hit em Straight

    Jeff Y 

  6. Chuck Z

    I do like the additional height that I get with my XP95 S300 shafts over my previouw PX irons seem to set a lot softer on the greens and I like the carry........guess it is all about the personal playing 714 AP2S 2 degrees strong over standard.....just like the previous set I had............

  7. Graham F

    The project X (depending on which flex) is roughly 10 grams lighter than the DG S300s so I doubt the ball flight would be lower. You might try a KBS C-taper in stiff or stiff+.

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