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913 SureFit Tip Removal

Ned M

I bought a 913 D2 from Golfsmith that was used but the only problem was that it is a regular shaft and I need a stiff. I was looking around online and found replacement shafts cheaper but I wanted to know if it was easy enough to change out the shaft on my own or was it difficult because of the SureFit Tip. Basically, is it possible to take the tip off the shaft the driver came with and put it on a new shaft? Thank You.

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  1. Spudstarch

    It's totally possible, but the trim instructions are going to be different to account for the adapter. Most tip cutting instruction will be for putting the tip into the driver head itself.

    I highly recommend that you have it professionally done. For one reason, graphite shaft replacement is easy to botch. And secondly, unless you plan on doing shaft swaps and fitting on a regular basis, it is not very cost effective to buy the right equipment and do it yourself.

  2. Norris

    Ned; If you're looking at Titleist shafts, the Sure-Fit adapter should already be on the shaft.

  3. Ken W

    Ned, I've done clubmaking for 20 years and working with the new SureFit tips is much easier than epoxying the older models. Obviously, it helps to have experience and tools like a shaft puller but they're not absolutely necessary. All the driver adapters do have a .335 tip and most(not all) shafts are tipped by Titleist 1/2 inch to account for the adapter weight. There's actually a good chance you can find a video online of someone doing an adapter switch or epoxy job. Once you see that or read instructions somewhere, you'll understand it is relatively easy.

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