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Custom Driver Shaft question

Sam E


I'm considering placing an order for a driver with a Graphite Design shaft. I heard they can play soft to flex if they aren't tipped according to their install guide. Does Titleist follow a manufacturer's trimming guide or do they have their own way of installing shafts from their own testing?


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We tip Graphite Design shafts 1/2" for a driver if there are no instructions.  You can put instructions to tip anywhere from no tipping to 1.5" tipping when you place your order.

  2. James E


    Have you hit the Graphite Design shaft you are thinking of ordering?

    The reason I ask is what you wrote in your question. Listening to what people think is helpful to get ideas about what you may like but the only way to really  know what you think is to try them for yourself. It is a big investment so I would encourage you to make sure you try the shafts first and see what you like.

    I hope this helps and I hope you find the best shaft for you.

  3. Sam E


    I hit a Tour AD GT6 a while back, but it was 4 months back and i loved the draw i was able to hit with it.

    The flight path is stuck in my head, but the feel isn't fresh in my mind anymore.

    Like you said, it's expensive, which is why I didn't buy it back then, so i want every single question i might have answered before i take the plunge, because i think i'd want it in all my woods.


  4. James E


    I am glad to hear you have hit the shaft you are thinking of getting and you liked the flight. I am guessing you hit it in the driver only. Is that correct? I mention that because I would suggest trying to demo fairway wood shafts as well. Sometimes there are better shafts for the different clubs.

    I recently demo'd several driver and fairway wood shafts. I took several days, hit them on the range and on the course. I must have hit 200 balls with each shaft I considered. I ended up getting 3 driver shafts because of different results (one I can work more, one has less spin for windy conditions, 1 was in the middle - they all felt great). The fairway demo shafts were more limited but I ended up liking 1 shaft for my 3 wood. I still  want to demo another shaft but it wasn't available.

    I guess what I am getting at is since it is a big investment try everything and see what you like.

    I demo'd the Tour AD DI 8 Extra Stiff and loved it for my driver. I ordered it and got it in 3 days thanks to Titleist. Like you, I got the nice draw, liked the slightly higher ball flight, could work it nicely, liked the feel though it did feel a little softer to me than the others I demo'd and bought. I demo'd the fairway wood shaft and it didn't work for me sadly. I actually didn't think I would like the AD DI 8 Extra Stiff based on what I read and heard from others. But I did.

    I guess my point is, listening to others can help narrow the number of shafts but it really comes down to what you like. I thought the Motore Speeder VC 7.2 Tour Spec extra stiff would be too much for me based on what I read and heard. But I LOVED it and ordered it and it is on its way to me.

    I hope this helps. I just want you to find the best shaft for you. I say try to demo things over a few days just in case the swing is a bit different one of the days. I know it is a pain to spend so much time but I can honestly say it truly is worth it.

    I do hope this helps. Please keep us up on how things go and what you end up with. Best of luck.

  5. Chuck Z

    I was talking to our head pro today regarding my game and my loss of power and direction and golf in general.  He is a Master Instructor and he went to a certified fitter because he felt he did not have the proper set up of shaft and head.  He was only hitting the ball 280 off the tee.  After visiting with the fitter and hitting  a number of brands and a mixture of shafts the fitter was able to lower his ball spin and increase his launch angle and he increased his distance by 25 yards.  He said that he actually launched a couple 340 yards.  He was stressing to me the importance of getting the proper fit and combination and spending the correcting amount of time with a good fitter.  My problems we will work on at a later date.  So if you are in the Charleston, SC area I would recommend seeing David Ayres in Mt Pleasant, he does a lot of fittings for Titleist equipment and carries alot of their equipment as well as others.  He fixed our club pro.  Point being, see a professional, spend the money, spend the time.....saves you money in the long run......... 

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