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Driver loft customization

Edward W

If I anticipate setting the driver loft to 10*, should I buy the 10.5* and loft down, or buy the 9.5* and loft up? Does it matter?

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  1. Bubba

    Hi Edward, 

    Thanks for the post. 

    It really is all player dependent. Just for clarification, if you added loft on a 9.5, you would be closing the clubface and increasing the loft to 10.25. Reducing the loft on a 10.5 would result in an effective loft of 9.75. 

    As always, the best suggestion is to try both settings out and see which one works for you. 

    Good luck!


  2. Edward W

    ... I just realized that the loft increments are .75*, so either I buy a 10.5* and loft down to 9.75* or buy a 9.5* and loft up to 10.25*.  I do see that I can loft up to 1.5* greater or .75* less than the given stock loft. I don't anticipate lofting any lower than 9.5*, so maybe I should go with the 9.5 and loft up?

    Does lofting up or down affect the club face at address (make it more open or closed)?

  3. James E


    As Bubba mentioned, if you increase loft the face will be more closed and if you decrease loft it will open it up.

    Do you hit a draw or a fade?

    I would suggest you demo each loft and make the loft adjustments and see what fits you best. That is really the best way.

    I loft down but that is me. I prefer a more open clubface as I draw the ball at times too much.

  4. Edward W

    Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the second reply, I submitted it just as Bubba posted his.

    I typically draw the ball, so it sounds like I might benefit from lofting down. I plan on giving the D3 a shot soon - thanks for the input.

  5. James E


    You are welcome.

    I am glad you will be looking at lofting down. See how it goes.

    Do you have your shaft in mind already or will you try to demo a lot of shafts and see what you like? That can also affect what you end up doing with your loft.

    Good luck, I am sure you'll find a great driver and the best setting.

  6. Edward W

    James, good question. Do you have any suggestions, from the stock shaft offerings? My goal is to get to hit them all, but in lieu of that, it'd be nice to understand what distinguishes the various stock options. I see that the Titleist site describes the typical launch. Thanks again for any help.

  7. James E


    It really depends on your swing, ball flight, etc. Whether you want or need a certain launch or spin rate.

    The right shaft for me may not be right for you. 

    The great thing about drivers nowadays is that you can really get what is best for you.

    I suggest finding a fitter in your local area and working with him or her to find the best shaft and set up to maximize your skills and potential.

    I wish I could be more help but your local fitter will take good care of you. I hope this helps a little.

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