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913 D2 Driver

Russ B

Have AP1 irons in the bag. Have an opportunity to pick up a 913 D2 driver as a gift at an outing (with an upcharge!). Went to golf shop to hit and liked the feel of the Diamana Blue 62 shaft in stiff. Can't get over the Blue shaft though. Very distracting! Any suggestion on an alternative shaft that is closest in feel to the "Blue".

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  1. Cameron D


    The Aldila Phenom 60 will have similar characteristics to the S+ Blue 62.  Keep in mind that the Diamana S+ Blue comes untipped, so consider getting the Aldila Phenom untipped as well (comes standard 1/2" tipped).



  2. Keith M

    I have the Diamana Blue 62 in my 913D2 as well.   For what it's worth, I thought similarly when I first bought it.  After the first couple of range sessions with it, I don't even notice it anymore.  I liked it so much, I didn't hesitate to get the Blue 72 in my 913Fd. 

    The flowers on the shaft are a bit cheesy.  That I could live without.  Since I was fit for that shaft and it works well for me, I'm ok with it.

  3. Chuck Z

    Love those Diamana shafts......72 Driver and my F and H are in the 80 no pay much attention to the color.....just line it up and hit it........

  4. Barry B

    Just a suggestion, you might want to take a look at the custom options booklet.  It list all the shafts currently offered and has a nice chart which shows all the driver shafts plotted by launch and spin characteristics (not exact, but a great reference).  The booklet also lists the specs of each shaft along with a picture.  Great place to start sorting out the options and then see if the golf shop has or can get the shaft(s) you would like to try.

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