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Awesome clubs

John V

Love all my new Titleist clubs and bag. Picked up a 913 D2 10.5, a 913 D2 13.5 AND 17, Titleist CB 714 with custom KBS shafts, a 50-54-58 Vokey SM5 wedges and a Cameron DB 37inch putter. Picked up a new Titleist stand bag too. Love everything. Only thing missing now is a TT bag tag :)

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  1. Norris

    Very nice set up you have there John, and you should be very proud of them as I know that you are. If you find out how to get a TT bag tag, please let me know. I'd like to have one also to go on my Titleist Cart Bag.

  2. Chuck Z

    John, very nice looking equipment.  TT bag tag would look great.  Maybe the bag tag genie will send you one.  

  3. Chris B

    That is brand loyalty right there!!

  4. John V

    Thanks...... This has been a dream set for me for really the past few years. Was a bit worried going with the CBs over the AP2s but I absolutely love these irons. My HC hovers around 10 and I'm coming from a set of png I5s and I actually think these irons are a bit more forgiving than the Pings plus the compact heads, thin topline and minimal offset is a thing of beauty. The Vokey wedges are simply amazing. I'm coming from png wedges which I always thought were top notch and they don't hold a candle to the SM5s. A quick shout out too to the Dual Balance Cameron Newport. Has taken me a few rounds to get the speed down on longer putts but this putter is deadly from 10 feet in. My hats off to Titleist though. They seriously make some awesome clubs. As far as TT bag tags go, my guess is as good as yours as to how to get one. Would definitely be the cherry on top of the sundae for me. I just figured I'd appeal to a higher authority:)

  5. Speedy

    Nice John!!!  I just did the same thing..  I already have the 714 AP1s, Cameron Putter and Vokey's but needed to replace my wood, hybrid and driver.  I was using a Adms hybrid, TM wood and Calloway Big Bertha but was never truly fitted for them..  Ever since i got fitted for the 714, i've become a big believer....  So I got fitted with Titleist a few weeks ago for the wood, hybrid and driver and went better than i expected and loved the results..   B/c of my short budget  I went online to purchased a used hybrid and driver to my specs and purchased a new wood from Titleist since my shaft needed to be an inch shorter.  So happy and can't wait to play....

    To top it off i purchased some new MyJoys to match my clubs :)....

    What's left?  A new Titleist cart bag and maybe someday, if i'm fortunate I'll get a TT bag tag :)..  

    Best of luck with you new clubs!!!  Fairways and greens.


  6. John V

    Wow, that is a sharp pair of Footjoy's Christopher. Lol, that's a perfect match to my bag. BTW, how are you liking the 714 AP1s? I know 4 years ago, I played a course out in Vegas and their rentals were AP1s, I believe the 710s and I had one of my best rounds that year with those clubs. Good luck with the new clubs coming. I'm sure you will love them.

  7. Speedy

    Love them!  I have no complaints and just amazed how forgiving they are.   I've been really impressed with them.  Since i've gotten them my handicap has gone down a point and half.   If I can only get off the tee, it would be lower.  So the irons are actually saving me.. 

    hopefully the driver will help out :)

  8. John V

    Thank you so much Titleist. Look in the mail today and have a goody bag from Acushnet with a TT bag tag, a TT sticker, a Titleist bumper sticker, a Titleist lanyard and a Cameron divot tool. Titleist is without question the best company I've had a pleasure of dealing with. Superior equipment and top notch customer service. Thank you Titleist for making my day. I will proudly display my TT bag tag along with the other goodies and will see to it that all my golfing buddies know just how superior Titleist is to the other competition. 

  9. Steve M

    Congrats on the new sticks AND the TT goodie bag. I'm thinking it's about time for some new irons. I'm still using 981s that I bought back in 2011. that said, they are still awesome clubs!!!!! One club that would be getting replaced is my Cameron Center Shaft Prototype. and yes, I'd love to get a TT Bag Tag!!!! Steve
  10. Ben N

    Can this bag still be bought whats the model called? is it available to the UK

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