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Titleist Bulls Eye 3.25L

Erik C

I read a previous post for this putter, and now I have a question.

I would like to refurbish this putter, similar to Scotty Camerons (I also have one of those).

I think it's made out of Copper/Brass and looks like it's tarnished.

What can I do to give it it's shine back?

The shaft has a little bit of rust.  Not much, it just a little freckled.  What can I use to clean this?

Last question, do you refurbish these like Scotty's?  Do you have a department where you can make it brand new again? 


Erik Champoux

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  1. Cameron D

    Hey Erik, 

    We do offer a restoration service through our Scotty Cameron Custom Shop (link below).  This will allow you to send in any Scotty Cameron putter and have restored back to its like new condition.  If you have any issues with the link or setting it up, you can contact the Custom Shop at 760.591.9720.  Unfortunately, the Custom Shop can not restore the brass model Bulls Eye putters.  They recommend brass cleaning solutions for these putters.



  2. Chuck Z

    I have one of those old Titleist (Reuter) putters and I love that patina on the putter.  Just keep it around for old time's sake.  Has the original leather grip on it. 

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