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Mixed Bag

Nick E

I have been thinking lately, primarily because my ball striking has improved, about switching to a mixed bag:

AP2 3,4,5

MB 6,7,8,9

Vokey 46, 52, 58

Does anyone outside the Tour do this?

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  1. Bubba

    Hi Nick, 

    Thanks for the post. 

    Yes, individuals of all skill levels play mixed sets. The most important piece of advice is to see a fitter and make sure the gaps are correct and you find the right shaft, length and lie combination.

    Please let us know if you have any questions. 


  2. Jack G

    If you're at the point where you can consistently strike it solid, gapping is the most important part of the fitting process with your irons and wedges.  You might be very surprised.  I've seen a lot of people do things like drop a five iron or four iron and weaken the loft on the longer club in front of it so they can add a wedge.  

    The majority of players that don't have a high swing speed (we're talking carrying a 5 iron 200 yards), don't need to carry both a 3 and 4 iron since their gaps probably aren't as wide there as it may be between a 52 and a 58.

  3. Nick E

    Gaps are definitely my biggest issue. Where I have trouble is trying to over-swing or take too much off for an in between distance. I don't carry my irons very far (3-iron 200-205, 4 iron 185-190, 5 iron 170-175, 6 iron 160-165) , I tend to hit them high but really straight, which is not an issue for me because I like my ability to stop them on the green and be pretty accurate. I'm a typical amateur, I hit my short irons significantly better than my long irons, but I hit Driver (275-300) and Woods well (3W 230-250, 5W 210-230) and I cringe at the thought of Hybrids. 

  4. Jack G

    I think you have two answers.  One, go get on a Trackman.  It'll give you your actual distances.  Two, if your distances are what you say they are, you could probably benefit from either weakening the loft on a 3 Iron and dropping the four, or maybe just carry a 4-wood (17* fairway metal), drop your 3 and 5 wood, and gap your wedges out better.

    This is all assuming you're having gap issues with your wedges. 

  5. Nick E


    Ordered 7-8-9 in MBs... hopefully they come soon!

  6. Burce J

    I have a split bag

    but I went with the CBs  4 5 6

    and the MBs  7 8 9

    never regretted it...

    I think the MBs blend well with the Vokey is a natural progression

  7. Jesse P

    I want to do the exact same thing...CBs 4 5 6 and MBs 7 8 9.  I just downsize my vokeys from a 52 56 and 60 to a 52 and 58 and use my 52 on numerous types of shots.  I play AP2s right now (3-PW) but will be switching to the CBs and MBs either next season or season after. 

  8. Chuck Z

    I have a few hybrids in my bag.....17*, 20.5*, 24* then 5 iron - PW (714 AP2s), Vokey 50.8 and from the Sr tees so the 5 and 6 iron do not really come into play very still working on those two clubs.......those hybrids seem to be my best friend......

  9. Nick E

    Update: MB 7-8-9 are awesome, not completely sold on the Vokey 46, probably going to spend the rest of the season giving it a chance.

  10. Chuck Z

    I went with the PW, but mine bent two degrees strong, that came with my AP2s and really like it...6 degrees loft between my wedges......really like that set up........44,50,56......

  11. Wesley W

    How are you liking this combination?  I have been looking at doing this to my bag lately but it scares me just to throw new sticks in my bag. 


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