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AP1s for an 11 year old

Scott B

My son is 11 years only and shoots high 70's from the red tees at his golf tournaments. His long clubs are dialed in. SM5s for the wedges and his putter are all good. 

The irons are hit or miss. He is using TM Burner 2.0 with graphite shafts that were his brothers. Ball flight is low and he Carey's his 7 iron about 135. He really wants to dial in his irons. He will be playing in the US Kids regional up in New Jersey next week so changing him now is out of the question, but looking to do this in the fall. AP1's are all he talks about. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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  1. Speedy

    Scot the only thing i would recommend is for him to get fitted by a Titleist fitting professional, if there's one in your area.  

    I got fitted twice by a Titleist fitting professional (once for AP1 irons and other one for 913 driver, wood and hybrid) and came away very impressed.   So happy with my clubs..  My swing is another story.  :)

    Best of luck your son!!


  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Scott, If you are in the New York area near Scarborough, we would recommend talking with Kevin Sprecher over at Sleepy Hollow CC. Kevin is one of four Regional fitters in the country and well versed on fitting junior golfers.  Depending on your son's size and strength, Kevin should be able to fit him into irons that work well for him.  Kevin's number is:  914.941.3062

  3. Roch A

    I got the TM Rocketbladez stage 2 when I was 13. They have worked out fine and are cheap. If you get the AP1's they might be too heavy compared to his old clubs.

  4. Stan

    I second the recommendation for Kevin Sprecher.  I was fitted by Kevin into a new set of 714 AP2s this past February and I could not be happier with the results.  Broke 90 this year and I'm looking to go even lower while there is still time left this season.

    Stan Tso

  5. Chuck Z

    The AP1s are not really that expensive and by going to a fitter they can get him the proper shafts.  Having a graphite shaft does not always mean a lighter shaft and cheaper is not always better as well in the long run.  TM clubs are always on sale because they come out with something new about every 120 plus days........those 2.0 irons are way old technology........and the are very strong when it come to distance.......maybe even 3 to 4 degrees stronger than a titleist iron.....Cathi has steered them in the right direction and the APs are great clubs when fitted properly.........

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