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Driver Shafts

Nick B

I know shafts don't make as much difference as we'd like to think so, but I am looking for a better feeling shaft with the same (ish) low launch and spin conditions as the whiteboard. My driver swing speed is 114-115 ball speed is high 160s to low 170s. I hit low bullets with my current diamana D+ 72X, which I like. They carry about 285-290 and can roll to 305-330 depending on conditions. Only thing is I like to feel where the club head is and if I release the club on time or too late/soon and the whiteboard doesn't really give me that option. Adam Scott recently switched to the kuro kage silver tini (same as RM), so I can't ignore that choice as 2 of the best drivers of the ball in the world are playing it... I was also thinking of the speeder 757. I like a heavy enough shaft so between 75-80g in X flex. Anybody compare those or has any suggestions on what would be a good shaft? 

I have 2 questions though:

1) Are those shafts available for custom order through titleist?


2) Are they cheap enough? (less than 300-350$)

Thanks, Nick

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  1. James E


    What model driver do you have (loft) and what setting do you play on?

    I have a 910D3 8.5* C1 setting. I hit a slight (5 yd) draw with the Motore and a bit more for the 'Ahina.

    I am a touch slower on swing speed and ball speed.

    I LOVE my Motore Speeder V.C. 7.2 Tour Spec Extra Stiff. Really stable, smooth. I love it. Less spin so it is a bit tougher to draw but I love it. That is what I am playing. Great ball flight.

    I also love my Diamana 'Ahina 80 Extra Stiff. This goes a bit higher and I can draw a bit more. Again very smooth. I play this shaft in my 3 wood (tipped an addl 1/2" over the Titleist tipping)

    I am sorry, I have not demo'd the Kuro Kage or the speeder 757. I was looking for a low spin low launch as I am a high ball hitter so I only demo'd a few in that category. (I am not sure what the Kuro Kage is relative to the others I demo'd so sadly can't help there).

    I got the shafts from my pro via Titleist and Titleist was great in getting them to me quickly. 

    I hope this helps a bit, demo as many as you can and I am pretty sure you'll find a few you love.  I would enjoy hearing how your search goes. please keep us up on what you like.  

  2. Rustygolfer77


    If you go to the Titleist website - click on golf clubs you will see an option for custom clubs.  In this section you will see custom club options.  Click this link and it will take you to a 44 page pdf of all the options.  Page 6 has a really nice graph showing all the shaft options with how they perform in regards to spin & launch.  

    Good luck.

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