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What club to get

Laurent B


I'm thinking about replacing my hybrid that i have at the moment, but i don't know if i should buy a new hybrid, or for example a 2 iron. I'm a 8hcp and i'm 23 yeard old. This is my bag at the moment with my yardages (in meter).

910D2 9,5° - 250 meter

913FD 15° - 225 meter

910H 21° - 200 meter

AP2 3 iron - 190 meter

CB 4 iron - 180 meter

CB 5 iron - 170 meter

CB 6 iron - 160 meter

CB 7 iron - 152 meter

CB 8 iron - 145 meter

CB 9 iron - 135 meter

CB Pitch - 120 meter

Vokey 52° - 108 meter

Vokey 56° - 98 meter

So what should i get? Hybrid 19°, Hybrid 21°, Fairway wood 19°, 2 iron (AP2, CB, 712U)?

Thank you all.

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  1. James E


    Why are you thinking of replacing your hybrid?

    Do you want a different ball flight?

    Do you want that gap between the 3 wood and hybrid to be a bit smaller?

    Are your trying to find a setup that will play better for the course you play the most?

    I am guessing you hit the ball a little lower than average. Or maybe you hit them high but don't really play in the wind much.

    I guess I am wondering why you want to change things as your current setup looks fine to me. But there are a few variables that your original post does not address that I am missing. Let us know. Thanks 

  2. Laurent B

    Hi James,

    I'm thinking about replacing it because i want the gap between my 3 wood and hybrid a bit smaller. Also i thought a 2 iron would be easier then a hybrid.

    I play quite high because there isn't that much wind out here.


  3. Barry B


    I voted for the 21 degree hybrid, but thought about telling you to change nothing.  Like James, I think your gaps are pretty good overall.  Yes you could close the gap between your hybrid and 3 wood, but then you'll just expand the gap between your 3 iron and hybrid.  I currently have both a 910 and 913 21degree hybrid and I hit my 913 a little farther (~10 yds).  I hit my 913 higher and it carries farther.  They have different shafts, but the specs of each shaft are similar (910 - Titleist Diamana ‘ilima 70 HY  and 913 - Diamana S+ Blue 72 HY).  Like James said, without knowing exactly what you are trying to accomplish, it's difficult to give meaningful advice.  I guess the best advice I could give would be to see you club pro or fitter and tell them what you are trying to accomplish and have them assist you.

    Hope this helps,


  4. Sam S

    Hi Laurent,

    It sounds to me that you should consider upgrading to the 913h.  I have found that this club is a bit easier to hit than the 910h.  Then you should take advantage of the surefit hosel system to adjust it to the right yardage for your game.  To do this, I recommend you find a Titleist fitter.  The shaft is the key to finding the right gap.

    Hope this helps,


  5. James E


    I think Barry gives some solid advice.

    Given what you wrote, you want a smaller gap and still hit it high, I would suggest demo'ing a 19* Hybrid or the 19* fairway wood and seeing how they might work for you.

    The 2 iron (CB/712U etc) might just not fly high enough for your liking. 

    I hope this helps, please let us know how your search goes. All the best.

  6. Chuck Z

    I have three hybrids in my bag.  913H 17*, 910H 19* adjusted to a 20.5* and a 913H 24*.  Love them.  Then I go to my irons which begin with a five iron 26* three wood is a 15* adjusted to a 14.25*......and my driver is a 910D3 9.5* adjusted to a 10.25*......I too love having the ability to adjust the loft as needed....the biggy is the Titleist hybrids are awesome........

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