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Drivers old vs new




Here the other day, I for fun picked up my old 975D driver, with a true temper dynamic gold x-100 shaft. 43,5 inch, and went to the club. I have a Titleist 909D3 and I'm loving it, but the 975D gave me the same length but with added accuracy. I guess what I'm trying to say, is, that to me it seems I hit the old, smaller headed driver better than the new big ones... really always been like that I guess, but I wanted to know whether or not I was alone with this.

My current driver is 44 inch, so I’m not thinking that that’s the reason, it might be mental, but my 913F 4 wood I hit as accurate as my old driver, so it becomes more evident that I personally have a thing for smaller headed clubs. What about you guys, am I the only one who would love to see Titleist make a 300cc version of the 915D3 or even a remake (updated) version of the 975D?


Post comments guys... thanks


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  1. Tom P

    No way would I put a 975 sized driver in the bag. The forgiveness of the larger face 460 sized driver is a big part of what makes hitting the driver fun!

  2. Rustygolfer77

    Funny you should bring up your experience.  I just purchased a new 913D3 with an expensive aftermarket shaft after a fitting showing a net 20 yard gain over my current png driver.  I traded in my png driver to absorb some of the cost of the new driver so my buddy let me borrow his X2 hot deep 2 wood which is 12.5 degree loft and 43.5 inches long as a interim driver replacement.  We played Sunday and I hit every fairway while averaging over 260 yards in total distance.

    To make a long story short the range near me has 3 gch2 monitors you can use if lessons are not going on.  Needless to say after speeding over $500 on my new driver the X2 Hot deep is only 5 total yards less than my newly order driver.  

  3. James E


    You are not alone. It took me a long while to get used to the bigger heads. I felt more comfortable turning over the smaller heads. The big heads always felt like a tennis racket and I just never felt like I could let go on it. For me it was mental. Then I finally got used to them. WIth that said, I would love to see a smaller head driver. Problem is, it is a really small niche market. I highly doubt it would be economical. From what I understand (could be true could be false I just read it from another site ) there is a D4 and a D5 head (something like 425cc or something) but they may never see the light of day. The bigger heads for me are still harder to work. So sadly, I do not think we'll ever get a chance to have a smaller head for the foreseeable future. But if that TM mini takes off who knows...............................

  4. Don O

    The 2013 Open winner used fairways on 17 to birdie a 600 yard par 5. The 2014 Open winner routinely hits his 3W over 300. Tour model drivers are often 440 cc or less. If your tempo is consistent and you hit the sweet spot more than most, a low-lofted fairway can work as well for you as a 460 monster. For the average amateur trying to swing at 110%, the face size is important. A 275 cc fairway is pretty close to your old 300 cc driver - just a different name.
  5. Chuck Z

    If your new shaft is a standard 44" then the 43.5" is close to a driver shaft.  One other interesting fact that I just learned about fairway woods and hybrids.  USGA does not regulate the thickness of the faces of the heads, only on drivers,  and on the X2 club, which is a HOT club, the trampoline effect off of a 12.5* face could carry the ball a considerable distance and it could only be a few yards shorter that your driver.  In some cases, loft means more carry and more distance......   Ever notice how far Lefty hits his three wood.  Longer than a lot of other pros on the tour.   I had a hot cally three wood (13*) and sold it  and bought a more consistent 913F* 15 adjusted to a 14.25......

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