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Kuro Kage iron shafts...........

Trevor W

................has anyone experienced the Kuro Kage 85??? I am going to be ordering AP1s; but debating on shaft. I want something lighter...yet is solid. I am afraid the 65s won't "be enough shaft". Any feedback on either of the 2 shafts would be appreciated.

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  1. Don O

    I moved from the 65 GD (712 AP1) to the 85 KK (714 AP1) to be able to find the head better. The right iron set should last for years, but with swing changes, the 65 was no longer a good fit. My decision was a tossup with the TT XP 95 metal. Equal at the PW->8I, but the KK was slightly less dispersion at the 6I.
  2. Chris92009

    I have heard from others that the new True Temper XP 95 is a solid shaft to also consider in your mix albeit slightly heavier...

  3. Potomac Golfer

    I custom-ordered an AP1 6 iron and 7 iron with the KK85 as an experiment//for kicks, as I could compare directly with my current AP1 714s with Nippon 850s.  After hitting a few times, I actually like the Nippon 850s better -- the KK85 are nice shafts but I seemed more consistent with the Nippons.  LIke you, I didn't want to drop down to a 65g graphite in terms of swingweight/feel.  Looks like I'll post the KK85 6 and 7 on Ebay or something.

  4. robert w

    I hit the Kuro Kage shaft in a ap2 714 head last week. It was nice but didn't compare in terms of feel/launch/spin to the recoil 95 for me. Recoil is best shaft I've hit. 

  5. mark t



    Tty looking into the Aerotech I95 Steel/Carbon shaft.  I tried it during my fitting and it was sweet.

    However there is an upcharge I believe, but it might be good for you or made to your liking.

  6. Trevor W

    Thanks for the input Mark...very valuable! I will try to get ahold of that Aerotech I95 shaft and try it.

  7. Trevor W

    I too have heard good things about the recoil shaft. My only concern is that I hear it has a higher flex point...and is a "low launch". I know I need a "high launch" iron. Thanks for the input though Robert.

  8. Trevor W

    Good to know...and what I suspected.  Unfortunately Titleist just DROPPED the Nippon NS Pro 950 GH...a shaft that I loved when I tried it.

  9. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Trevor W

    Thanks for the input Mark...very valuable! I will try to get ahold of that Aerotech I95 shaft and try it.

    All of our Advanced and Regional fitters will have an Aerotech i95 for fitting purposes.
  10. robert w

    The standard recoil will launch higher than the recoil prototype.  For me, the standard recoil launched to high for my swing and spun to much. I went with the prototype for those reasons. For me the standard recoil launched highest, followed by steelfiber 95, and recoil prototype was lowest launching. 

  11. Benoit T

    Just want to give my exprience on graphite shaft for iron (make the moved last march - AP2 714 - recoil protoype 95 F4)

    Didn't had a good timing to do a fitting session, i had elbow issue and want to start the season with graphite and din't want to wait 1 -2 month for the fitting. Live in Quebec city

    So KuroKage was on my list, as recoil and steelfiber (aerotech). First choice was i80 of aerotech, but titleist just offer i95. Had the chance to try a standard recoil on golf show in february and find the launch high, but it helped me to decide on F3(reg) or F4 (stiff). My old CGB was steel-reg 90g re-ax. But i play stiff on woods.

    Many days of looking chart, forum and stat (torque,flex,weight). Finally jump eyes close to Recoil prototype

    In july i had the chance to be on demo day titleist and i tried steefiber i95. I agree that aerotech launch higher than recoil proto.

    But also, find that aerotech more PRECISE than recoil.

    As i ended with recoil proto i95 f4 for AP2-714 iron 5 to P, AP1 for iron 4 i really love the shaft, absolutely cure my elbow. I am 52, hdcp-6, 7 iron is 150. But if Titleist had i80, it's still my first choice, but don't get me wrong these recoil proto are great, just wonder why pga pro don't play guess is dispersion compare to steelfiber (kuchar, snedeker...)

    Forgot...recoil cost more $ than KK, so if you play a lot it worth the money.

    Bon golf


  12. Gordon B

    I just put a set of AP2''s in play. Hit the KK shaft before settling on the KBS C Taper Lite. Elton like the KK was a bit dead. Soft, no vibration, but lost some feel. Really like the KBS. Might be worth the look.

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