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Acushnet/Titleist "Bulls Eye Putters"

Jason S


I was wondering if anyone at Titleist could provide some information regarding the Bulls Eye putter line that was out a few years back (I noticed them in the archived club section on the main Titleist website).  I have an old Acushnet Bullseye (Standard) putter that dates back to the mid 1980's (I still use it from time to time along with my 1998 Scotty Cameron Xperimental Prototype).  Anyway, I am looking to order a couple more Bulls Eye's and was wondering if they could be custom ordered through Titleist?

I would be looking to order one (Standard) model in 35" length and one (Flange) model in 35" length.  These putters are truely classics and I wanted to get my hands on a couple new ones if I could befor ethey become too hard to find.

Any information as to where I could purchase some new ones or if I can still order through Titleist would be helpful.


Jason S.






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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Thanks for being such a fan!  Unfortunately, we don't have any of these heads available and they cannot be ordered any longer.  You're best bet will be to try and find it through a "iron finders" , "club finders" or inquire on one of the Cameron collector websites.

  2. Charlie F


    I have an Acushnet Bullseye OSM4S blade putter with the outline of the putter face, the "Bullseye", John Reuter,

    made in USA, and the old Acusnet script engraved in the bottom of the blade. Has the original leather grip and

    fluted shaft.......and a nice patina, I think I bought it in the early 60' first non-hand-me-down golf club....

    Can you provide me with any history, or verify that the putter was made in the 60's......


    Thank you

    Charlie Fite.......

    PS....I was on the design team that furnished all the powder handling equipment for Ball Plant III.......everything up to the top of the mixer.

  3. michael g

    Cathi, sorry to hear that new heads are no longer being manufactuered.  Can you provide advise on reburshing?  I cut my shaft and bent incorrectly - was wondering if I could send it in and have it re-set to orignal specs including re-shaft to 34 inches so I can get the weighting correct set as well.  I look forward to your reply and thank you.

    Michael G.

  4. Jerry T


    I have three original bullseye putters. I've playing withit since I was 12 years old. They're in great shape. May be willing to part with one of them. but not all. Putters are like doctors. when you find a good one you hang onto them. I have other relic's as well. My dad passed away two years ago and I have all of his collection. He was my all time favorite golfer! gave me my first club at 6 years old. One being my putter! Contact me if you like. if you do i can give you a full discripion of what I have and what I will part with. Happy hunting!

  5. Lou G

    My dad has had his since well before 1957.   

  6. JR W

    I have had 3 bulls eyes in my life.  Currently using a SC American Classic III.  In 1996 I ordered a heel shafted flange putter from Titleist.  It had bullseye and Titleist engraved in the bottom.  By far this was my favorite putter and have never been able to find this putter again.  I would of never got rid of it, however I was working our Member Guest Tournament when I was 17 and sitting on the front seat of my jeep with top down.  Never had any trouble at our home rural CC, well this day the putter grew legs and walked...This would not be one of the ones you have is it??? I have found a few close to it however they are really old and beat up on ebay or such sites.  They are not exactly cause they have changed this putter over the years slightly.


  7. Terry J

    I've been a Bullseye fan for over 50 years and have owned several different models. I recently bought a used one and upon closer examination you can see it was originally stamped "STD 5 S" but the "S" has been over stamped with a "P". Just curious if anyone might know the history of this model.
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  8. chris t

    Are bullseye putters still available ? Thank You
  9. Bill R

    I have a Bulls Eye Lafemme 33 inch with no flange. The grip says"Scotty Cameron / Titleist / 1998 Xperimental Prototype" it is a lot like a Pistolino grip,the butte of the grip says " Cameron Research & Development" the putter is in like new condition as well as the grip. Does anyone have any info on this?
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  10. Bill R

    Here are the pictures of the Lafemme flangeless Bulls Eye putter I have never seen one of these & can't find any info on them.As a Scotty fan & collector this Prototype has really caught my interest.Please any info would be very much appreciated,Bill.
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