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Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 vs. Golf Pride Titleist Tour Velvet 360.......


I'm trying to straighten out a few things with regards to GP TV 360 grips. I see on the Custom Club Option PDF that there are 4 different 360 grips. A couple questions:

1) What is the difference between the regular TV 360 and the Titleist TV 360? I was in a store and grabbed some Titleist irons off the rack. 2 different sets and what felt like 2 different 360 grips. One felt better than the other.

2) What is the point/purpose/difference of the 360 Flat Cap as compared to the others?

I'm looking to order 30 grips or so and not sure what the differences are.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Jamie L

    I have all 3 versions of the 360 grip and they are virtually identical. The difference is mainly cosmetic. Just be aware that there are different core sizes. Titleist's standard is to put a 580 core grip on a 600 shaft which makes is slightly oversized (equivalent of a 600 grip on a 600 shaft with 1 extra wrap). The Golf Pride TV 360 is only available in 600 core so it may seem undersized if you don't build it up.

    As far as the irons go, I believe Titleist started using the 360 grips only on the 716 series of irons so if you tried different models and they felt different it might be the the shaft diameter of the stock shafts was slightly different making them feel different. 714 and earlier series used Titleist Tour Velvet (non 360) on the irons.

    Hope this helps
  2. DMcGowen

    Thank you so much for the response! Makes sense. I understand about grip size and was wondering where can i get .580 TV 360s?
  3. KIsenbart

    I was in Dick's recently and the grips on the Titleist 917 hybrids were golf pride tour velvet. They were black/white and looked very similar to a Lamkin grip. I can't find these grips anywhere on-line. Are these grips for sale? Thanks.

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