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tour model 91-97 questions

Kevin B

I am debating on selling my irons. I know they are authentic (a relative bought them new). They have true temper dynamic gold s300 shafts, diamonds on the face, 2 grooves at the top, and the numbers 14851 on all of them. I have 3-pw, they have newer grips, and are in great condition for their age. I have used them about two dozen times(or less) a year for 10 years. Any thoughts on these clubs? What year are they?

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  1. Kevin B

    They are also bullet backs. Can Team Titleist tell me what year they were made? Thanks.

  2. Seamus F

    I have these too.

  3. Robert J

    The 1991 - 1997 Tour Model Forged Irons did not have diamonds on the faces, or bullet backs.

    You should be able to look at the bottom of the Titleist website pages for the "Archives" and find the exact model irons you have.

    To see photos of 1997 Tour Model Forged irons, check my post in the Equipment Photos" post on this site.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Kevin B

    I guess they are 80's models. No luck looking at the archives page. Not enough photos. Anyway, I decided to keep the clubs so it's all good.

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