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915 vs 917

Filip A

What is the major difference between the 915 and the 917? I know about the new CG technology, but what makes it so great? Thanks in advance! Filip

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  1. ISplisgardt

    New active recoil face and channel allow the ball to launch at faster speeds and the CG weighting allows for a more fine tuning of the club head
  2. Chris92009

    Faster Ball Speed off the face for more distance
    Adjustability not just for loft and lie but also a new rear weight for even more fine tuning
    Sounds AWESOME, maybe one of the best sounding clubs ever!
    Trajectory and Shot shaping reliability better than ever

    I have been hitting the 917 for almost a month now and it is amazing to say the least plus my length compared to the 915 is up around 14-21 yards on each drive...This is a huge step forward...! IMHO

  3. Corey T

    Sound (and Feel)!!!!
  4. Darron K

    If you get properly fit you should be able to max out your distance and get tighter dispersion.
  5. Don O

    My experience was getting fit at Oceanside, and Dino managed to get 20 more yards and a better pattern for me. A good part of this was a better shaft choice. I also gained even more yards on mishits. Coming from a 913, I'm gaining significantly more forgiveness. The big advantage is a good fitter has a much better tool to tune to you. Buying one off the rack and slapping your 915 shaft on it won't be as dramatic as what I gained.
  6. masamitsu

    Chris - If I can get the lower end (14) I'm all in.
  7. Dave N

    Is this club available on Titleist Thursdays?
  8. DOG1

    I've also been playing the 917 for a month and I have to say it's a game changer!!!!!
  9. greg p

    I've been fitted at the 917 event and hit it extensively on Trackman. Have yet to put it into play on a course. Compared to my 913D3, I am getting, maybe, an extra 5 yards. Not an appreciable difference in distance. What I do like is the sound and the fact that there is no appreciable loss in distance on toe or heel hits. It's strength seems to be the ability to turn mis-strikes into very playable results.
    Nice looking club and very easy to tweak to get/correct a particular ball flight.

    I'm really happy with my 913 right now and may find it hard to justify a switch.
  10. BMarsh

    Dang... I was happy with my 915 until I read these comments...
  11. Ben Evans

    I am a 20 Handicapper and currently use the 915 D2, would this give me more distance at my level or stick with the 915?
  12. H.C.

    I've just recently took the plunge and bought a 917 D2 even though I was perfectly happy w my 915 D2. My initial thoughts:
    - 917 D2 ball speed and therefore distance not significantly higher than 915 D2 on well-struck shots off center of face
    - 917 D2 backspin not significantly lower vs 915 D2
    - the 917 D2 launches a little bit lower than the 915 D2
    - 917 D2 does deliver better ball speed and therefore distance on off-center shots
    - 917 D2 does sound a little bit better than the 915 D2 (though I have gotten used to the 915 D2 sound)

    So overall initial conclusion: Though I am not unhappy w the 917 D2's performance, I probably could have stuck w my 915 D2 for another year or two.

    Am I missing something?

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