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Swingweight help, Chris?

Tom B

Hi Chris, talked to you a few weeks ago and posted on here, but I am interested in ordering the 816 23 degree hybrid with the fujikura motore speeder 8.8 regular flex weighing 82 grams.

I was fit for a D2 swingweight. What weight would I need for that shaft and a regular multi compound grip built up to 3/64 at standard length to get to D2?

Thanks for all your help Chris!!!

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  1. Chris T., Club Concierge

    Hi Tom,

    With the specifications listed you need the standard 11g weight to obtain D2. Please ensure your retailer requests D2 at the time the order is placed so our build teams know you specifically want that exact swing weight.

    All the best
  2. Tom B

    Thanks Chris for your time and quick response!! Going to do the same with a 19 degree hybrid!! I have my 917 D2 and 917 F2 in both the rogue max shafts, just finishing it out with the 816 hybrids!!

    Now i just need my TT bag tag!!
  3. GSolhaug

    It would be interesting to know how anyone decided that you should play a D2 Swingweight. You may check out this blog on matching of golf clubs:
  4. Tom B

    GSolhaug, the fitter I go to here in Nebraska is at Firethorn in Lincoln!! He fits by overall weight of the club and swingweight starting with the 6 iron and matches every club from there to driver to lob wedge!! He fits mostly Titleist and does an excellent job.

    He fit me for my 917 D2 rogue max 65 X-stiff at D3 and my 917 F2 rogue max 75 in stiff at D2!! So with my 3 wood at 74 ounces and the hybrid shaft at 82 ounces, we are staying with the same swing weight!!

    When we reshaft my 714 ap2's, we will go a D1 swingweight since the irons are heavier at 115 ounces. It's called a PXIII fitting!! Greg does an excellent job and has a great setup with his indoor hitting bays and Flightscope, hopefully a Trackman soon!! He is great to work with and knows his stuff!!
  5. GSolhaug

    I did look at the PXIII videos. This is obviously a non-scientific way of matching golf clubs. I cannot say that it does not work as I have not found any proof one way or the other. As long as anyone is mentioning Swingweight, you should really stay away. Only overall weight and MOI affects how a golf club behaves when swung. Swingweight is a very bad approximation to MOI when applied to modern clubs, as it was designed for wood shafted clubs. If you are interested in matching your clubs in a scientific manner that will yield amazing result, please check out

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