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grips on backward

Lex F

Here's something I've always wondered about. My 714 AP2 irons have the grips on with the Titleist logo pointing down (see pic). I consider this backward. I kind of like using the logo as an aid for aligning my grip. Is this the case for all Titleist irons? Is there some logic here?

Thanks for indulging my curiosity!

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  1. Kyle J

    A lot of people, myself included, don't like to see words or anything on the grip when attempting a shot. It is pretty standard to do that, you can ask for the Titleist logo to be on top if you custom order clubs.
  2. Ryan G

    Did you buy them direct from Titleist that way, or maybe from a golf shop? I used to order my clubs this way until I started using the multi compound grips. I liked the logo facing down because if the grip is not perfectly aligned then you could have some visual issues when gripping the club. Now that I use the MCC grips I am the only one that puts the grips on that way I make sure they are exactly how I want them.
  3. Matt B

    I prefer the script under, I like to place my grip on club in relation to club face and not grip logo. The logic for me is if I open or close the face a little when trying to play a shot it always looks the same, making it less distracting.
  4. Chris B

    some players don't want that logo (or any logo) on the front of the causes a distraction for them.
  5. TeeJ

    Pretty sure that is an option Titleist gives you when you custom order your irons and don't just buy them off the shelf. It's really just a player preference. Some guys like looking down and seeing nothing and others like to use it for grip and club alignment. Others don't care. I fall in that category.
  6. JCaldwell

    Common practice these days and in most casws the default now. Most folks, including myself, don't like to see anything but the club head when addressing a shot. I've got too many other things going on between my ears than to worry if my grip is on perfectly straight. Usually if you get a regrip they will ask where you want the logo. If they came straight from Titleist this is how all are done.
  7. Doug E

    Did they come from Titleist that way? All my clubs from Titleist come with the logo (in my case I specify Golf Pride New Decade) on the front side of the club. Some people don't want to see the Titleist or Golf Pride or whatever name/logo, so specify to have it where it can't be seen when the clubs are gripped at the mfr or when regripped. Were your irons purchased from a private owner, who might have originally specified the logo be on the back? I think, if you don't specify, the logo is always applied straight down the front of the shaft, just the way you would expect.

    Also, just speculating, but if someone were regripping themselves with new Titleist grips, without that much experience at doing so, they may have accidentally put the first grip on backward, before realizing it. Then decided to just put the rest on to match, since it doesn't really affect the function of the club.

    I doubt Titleist would put their grips on backward, where the logo can't be seen at address, unless it was specified by the customer in the order. But, I could be wrong.
  8. greg p

    Personal preference, Lex. Some folks do not like to look down and see the label. I am one of them.

    If it really bothers you, they can have them reversed. But I wouldn't worry about it affecting performance.
  9. Michael M

    I think it's just a matter of preference. It probably has more to do with the club builder who put the grips on than Titleist's brand. I have a set of Titleist irons with the logo facing up.
  10. Todd S

    Some players don't like to see the logo or use it as a alignment aid. Grip could not be on exactlly correct and would rather just look at the club face.
  11. Travis B

    There are quite a number of people who prefer logo's down on their grips because they find it distracting. It definitely is not a one size fits all approach, but I do prefer logos down. I currently have Golf Pride MCC 4+ which are not symmetrical in design if installed logo down. I spent a week trying to decide which one I cared about more, logo down or having the grip the "wrong way". It was a spot where the thumb would be on the grey portion instead of the blue portion when installed logo's up.

    Long story short, I believe this to be Titleist's attempt to being a "players" brand and assuming more people prefer logo's down.
  12. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Lex, Great question. The Titleist logo grips are intentionally built with the logo down because we have found that many players wanted to have a clean look at address, which is why we also (when possible) install our shafts logo down. If you prefer to see the logo for alignment, we can build the clubs with the logo up. Just have your pro shop enter the order with "logo up".
  13. Chuck Z

    Whenever I change my grips I am always asked if I want the logo up or down. I play with the logo up. All a matter of preference. They do not hit or feel any differently.
  14. Robert

    easier for me to install them with the logo UP. no issues when playing either but everyone is different.
  15. Michael JC

    I generally re-grip my clubs with the logo on the back of the shaft.
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