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AP1 712 Tip Diameter

Mike K

Hi, the shaft on my daughter's AP1 712 "W" (Tour AD 50i L-flex) snapped yesterday on the range. Can someone tell me the tip diameter? GDI shows both .355 and .370.

Thanks, Mike

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  1. Chris T., Club Concierge

    Hi Mike,

    All of our modern irons and wedges utilize .355 taper tip shafts.

    Hope this helps
  2. Mike K

    That's what I need to know.
  3. Kevin B

    Hello I have a similar themed question.
    I have a set of the original Titleist AP1 (2008) irons with S300 shafts that are 1/2" long. I would like to swap these shafts over to some Titleist 714 MB irons (currently have Nippon NS Pro shafts) I recently purchased in a private sale. Although the S300 shafts fit into the 714 MB irons, the Nippon NS PRO 95 do not fit into the AP1s.
    Is it true that all Titleist irons are .355 taper or are the original AP1s a smaller OD?
  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Kevin, All the iron heads including the original AP1 heads will take a .355 taper tipped shaft.

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