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915 surefit adjustment noise

Copie D

While tightening the screw in my 915H 2-hybrid I was waiting for a gentle click to let me know to stop. What I heard was a loud snap/crack sound. Bad?

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  1. 19hole

    The wrench does make a pretty load sound when the proper torque is reached. I would remove the shaft and look at the screw, if it isn't damaged, reinstall and expect the louder sound.
  2. Ryan M

    Just curious if this the first time you tried adjusting it? It does have quite a loud pop/cracking.

    Have you tried it since? From what your describing it sounds like the way it should sound.
  3. Copie D

    Thanks guys. Yeah, it was my first time adjusting it and I was expecting a click rather than a crack.
  4. Greg B

    It should be fine. But as stated take it loose, inspect, then tighten again, all should be good I would think.

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