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Joined the AP2 Club



Super excited. Hit them a few times and decided it was time to upgrade from my 710 AP1's to the 716 AP2's. My golf journey over the past 7 years or so has been using TT, understanding my swing, The Golf Fix, etc. Working on my fitness to be stronger and be able to properly swing with consistency.

So here I am waiting for spring with these beauties! :-)

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  1. Mike H

    Those irons look great. Hit them well. I have been learning and playing just like you using TT and other available sources to learn my swing and the game.
  2. Tim Tiger

    Nice Justin. Maybe you get to take them along on vacay.

  3. MLyon

    Very nice, as my hcp comes down and my ball striking improves I'm going phase in some AP2's between my vokeys and keep the AP1's in the longer irons. future proof!
  4. Joel G

    Congrats on the new AP2s! I love mine especially as my scores keep dropping!
  5. Steve N

    Got fit for my ap2s last week and patiently waiting for them to arrive!! I'm so excited!!!

    Nice brother! They are awesome clubs!
  7. DC

    Congrats, they look great! I too have thought about phasing in some ap2's for 7,8,9,p.
  8. Justinu3

    Thanks everyone! Can't wait to get them out and hit them for the first time
  9. LGomez

    AP2's are butter.. u will love em! May lose a lil distance coming from AP1's, but accuracy & workabilty is a great trade off.. enjoy!!
  10. Stewart T

    I have using AP2 716 for more than a year now. It has a great club. Earlier on, I wasn't convinced it greatness, so I went to other brand club demo days to test other clubs. True enough, there is no other better club that gives me better feel and strike than AP2.

    I reckon new 718 would be released by end of this year based on the trend of past model. That would be give me a headache whether to upgrade to 718.
  11. David G

    Awesome! Just got mine 2 weeks ago and have been able to play a few rounds with them. They are great!
  12. Justin V

    Welcome to the AP2 team. You'll never need another iron again. I love my 714AP2s and they'll be in the bag for a long time!!!! Congrats and hit Em straight!
  13. Mark P

    Excellent choice! I'm happy for you. They are just a joy to hit. I played 710 CB's, and then tried the 714 AP2's. Amazing feel and workability. Made the switch, finest irons I've ever played. You will be impressed.
  14. Chris D

    Love my 714AP2s with the A shaft - I thought the A shaft would be too soft - it isn't. I have the Kuro Kage 65g A shafts. I came from using cally X Forged dated about 2008. The Callys must have been mighty expensive when new as they were about £800 for a set then someone had retro-fitted Graffalloy Attack Lites in S flex - then to get the swing weight up they had them left 1/2" longer and flattened the lies - so an 8 is more like playing a lofted 7. What a revelation the 714AP2s were - straighter, longer, easier. Love em! Anyone worrying about going from regular shafts to Senior shafts (A means amateur in the old standard which translates to Senior today) should try these Kuro Kage ones - just a bit softer than regulars and the first set of shafts that make me think their helping me. As a Senior these are just the job.

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