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What A Difference


Hello all! Pretty new to the forum here. Just recently got fit for a complete set of Titleist clubs. The Titleist Fitter ended up sending me home with 716 AP2's (3-P, 3 currently not in the bag.) with KBS Tour V 110 S shafts (standard length/1 degree flat.) 917 D2 With Fujikura Speeder 757 Evo II X flex. 3 SM6 Wedges, 50 degree "F", 54 degree "S" and 58 degree "K". 816 H1 19 degree hybrid with Diamana S+ Blue Stiff. And of course I already had my Cameron Red X putter. Coming off of years of playing miz, I'm astonished at the difference. In the past, the miz guys would just watch me hit maybe 10-20 balls on a range or monitor and say "you need this" kind of thing. The professionalism, knowledge and effort put forth by the Titleist folks is un-paralleled. The fitting experience was amazing. My confidence has soared. Knowing I now have the best technology in the bag that is 100% matched to my swing DNA is a great feeling to have. Just wanted to express my appreciation to the team for the services you put forth. Proud Team Titleist member!


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  1. Brian C

    Very awesome! Being able to play with confidence makes the game so much more enjoyable! I had gone into a testing facility to track my swing speed and found out I was hitting the wrong shafts in my irons. I always found myself trying to slow my swing down when hitting my irons. I know the feeling of having that confidence when hitting every club in bag! Great feeling!
  2. M Black

    One more Sleep to go.
    Full bag fitting tomorrow so excited.
  3. Robert C

    Congrats Jordan...What a fantastic bag that is.

    I went through a very similar process last year that resulted in a full 14 club makeover. All those clubs are awesome, I'll just say prepare to fall in love with that 816 hybrid, when you hit it. It's my favorite club in the bag to hit.
  4. Anthony N

    Hi Jordan, just curious, did they adjust the swing weight at all when they put on the KBS Tour V's? Or did they just leave it as is?


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