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917 Adapter Wrench Broke


I was trying some different settings on my 917D3, when I put the head back on, I tightened it with the Titleist wrench, but it did not click when tightening. At first I thought the screw was stripped, so I tried the wrench on my 917F2, same thing, the head of the adapter turns, no click.

I was able to tighten it using a png wrench, so I know its not the screw or shaft. I think my adapter is broke.

Where can I get a new one? Thanks.

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  1. Chris T., Club Concierge

    Hi RJohnson,

    We are sorry to about the issues you are experiencing. Please bring the SureFit tool along with the club to your nearest authorized Titleist retailer, preferably the place of purchase, and have them contact our golf club warranty department. They will be able to advise on the appropriate course of action and setup the needed work order. If you experience any complications let us know.
  2. RJohnson

    Thanks for the reply, i bought it from an online retailer.
  3. Michael V

    Same thing happened to me. I brought mine to a golf mart to try to buy a new one, and they just gave me a one in exchange for the broken one. Said that they would deal with Titleist.
  4. RJohnson

    I am going to take it to local golf shop and see if they will swap it. I know its just the wrench and not the screw or shaft, i held the tip with a set of pliers and turned the wrench, no click.
  5. RBH

    Hi. I also had this happen. Took it back to the Golf shop and they gave me a replacement. I didn't look closely at it until I got home. The tag on it says 'read the 910 instruction manual before use' so it is obviously an old wrench. So I am now wondering first of all, if the torque setting is the same from the 910 to the 917 and second if the torque actually degrades over time especially as this came from a shop where it was likely used more often. By the way, he originally handed me a miz or Taylor Made wrench to which I guess I kind of turned up my nose at because he opened the desk and dug out the one he gave me before I could say anything. I didn't realize that they were interchangeable or that the torque settings were the same. Anybody have any insight into this?
  6. Christopher P

    Same for me. Tightened it, then no more click. It appears to still securely tighten, but there's no click so I can't quick be positive it's a secure lock. Why are these things having so many problems? I've been using wrenches since adjustable drivers came out and never had issues until this.

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