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Junior clubs


Hi all,

Anybody know if Titleist have any plans to release a junior set? My boy is 9 and showing some form, club head speed is already showing he would be more suited to a regular graphite flex but it seems a faff and huge expense to start getting fitted clubs for a 9 year old!

Should we just chill out and let him hit away with what he has, or is there potential for a better quality product to hit the market from Titleist?

Cheers :)

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  1. Chris B

    In the states - no.

    I searched high and low for my kids - I opted for US Kids Clubs - it was a good move - they fit by height and it worked out well for my kids.

    Then they can pick their Titleist equipment when they get a little bit older!!
  2. Chris T., Club Concierge

    Hi SRoberts,

    We have fitting accounts with designated junior fitting packs across the country. If the locations listed in the link below are not near you, any Titleist fitting partner can request the fitting pack from our library service.

    The pack includes options for the driver, fairway, hybrid, and irons. Your child should be at least 4' 10" before considering this service as anyone shorter will likely still need shorter clubs than what's offered.
  3. SRoberts

    Thank you! I really got my hopes up there but as we're based in Edinburgh we're quite far to take advantage of this. Do you think the new fitting centre at Craigielaw in Scotland will offer this service?
  4. Dr. Kovatchian

    Stick to Products from USKG or other manufactures that specialize in Junior Golf Equipment. Sure all kids want to be cool and use the Big Clubs but it's important to keep in mind that kids are developing their bodies and may not have the strength to properly swing an AP2 in a cut down shaft. My son is also 9 and he plays the USKG Tours Series Irons & Wedges...Awesome! I also built him a 12* Cobra Driver with a Junior shaft from Awesomeness!

    Just be smart on your investment...
    Keep the clubs lite as long as possible...your junior will benefit from the ability to build a good swing with power and speed.

    Dr. K
  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi, We have forwarded your request to our UK office. You should be hearing from them shortly.
  6. Tom H

    While I appreciate that some believe you need to stick with US Kids or other junior brands. I understand that there are rare occasions when junior clubs could hold development back. For example... My daughter (who is also 9) swings her driver at 84 mph. I'm sorry, but US Kids shafts in her length just aren't near firm enough. The heads are also far too light. I also wish that Titleist made something to fit her. I have been in contact with the fitting center that is close, and they don't have any options available for her at her height (55"). I had to use a company called Fairway Jockey. They fit her with miz JPX900 Hot Metals with a Project X 45 gram shaft. These shafts had enough true butt section to trim enough off to fit her perfectly. They have worked out wonderfully. Granted, she's a special talent, but there are others that can benefit from this type of fitting. My daughter has played multiple US Kids sets and most recently was playing VTMAX junior clubs. She has gained 8 - 12 yards per iron and near 1000 rpms of spin in each iron since switching to the JPX irons. She now carries her 7 iron 130 yards with ease. Her scores went from mid to upper 30s to low 30s per nine hole round in US Kids tournaments. She is also now able to score 37-42 from the women's tees on about any course. This was not the case with other sets. These irons have made a tremendous difference.

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